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Microsoft Power BI Visual Sample in Github to certified custom visual in AppSource

My Power Bi Custom Visual began by cloning a visual from the Microsoft Power Bi Custom Visuals Github repository:
powerbi-docs/powerbi-docs/developer/visuals/ at live · MicrosoftDocs/powerbi-docs · GitHub

...and then making changes which my project team needed for their reports.

If I needed to deploy the result to AppSource in order to use the full functionality of a certified visual would I encounter problems with certification due to the fact that I started from a Microsoft example? I'd like to know before approaching my IT department with the proposal.
I see the MIT licence is included in the project and the only restriction seems to be that it continues to be included in child projects.

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Solution Sage


Starting from a Microsoft example from their GitHub repository should not inherently pose a problem when it comes to deploying your custom visual to AppSource for certification. However, there are a few considerations to keep in mind:

1. **License Compliance:** Ensure that you adhere to the terms of the MIT license included in the Microsoft example. As long as you comply with the license terms, including proper attribution and the inclusion of the license in your project, you should be fine.

2. **Originality and Customization:** While you started from a Microsoft example, make sure that your custom visual has been significantly customized and modified to meet the specific needs of your project team. The more original and distinct your custom visual is from the original example, the less likely there will be any issues with certification.

3. **Documentation and Attribution:** Document any modifications or customizations you've made to the original Microsoft example. This includes documenting changes in code, functionality, design, or any other aspect of the visual. Additionally, provide proper attribution to Microsoft for the original example.

4. **Certification Requirements:** Familiarize yourself with the certification requirements and guidelines provided by Microsoft for deploying custom visuals to AppSource. Ensure that your custom visual meets all the necessary criteria for certification, including performance, security, accessibility, and user experience standards.

By following these considerations and ensuring that your custom visual is sufficiently customized, properly documented, and compliant with licensing and certification requirements, you should be well-prepared to approach your IT department with the proposal to deploy the visual to AppSource. If you have any doubts or questions, you can also reach out to Microsoft's AppSource support team for clarification and guidance.

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Thanks very much for your answer John, I appreciate it! it sounds like the right sort of answer, but may I ask what the source of your information is before I accept it as the solution?


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