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Matrix: filter in "group" but keep all rows, leave out all the rest

Good afternoon everybody,

I've searched through Google and used the search engine in this forum, but ended up posting a new thread. I've got some experience with Power BI, but this one is new to me and don't quite know how to discribe my "challange".

I've added a new page in a dashboard I made. This contains a Matrix and a tabel. The matrix is the top visual, the table the bottom one. The goal is to show only the whole group that contains retour (3). By that I mean show all rows from mutnr. 100020: declaratie studiekosten (1) (exporteren, goedkeuren,retour, verzenden).

100002 and 100005 only contains one row, so they don't have to show
100008 has multiple rows, but those rows don't contain retour. This one also doens't have to show

I've tried adding a filter on the Matrix visual (not page or all pages), only showing the lines that contain retour, but that results in only showing the retour rows in the bottom tabel.

My goal is to only show all mutatienr that contain retour but also show all rows within that mutatienr group.

Hope this makes sence






Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Raymond090576 ,

Your thinking is right, but maybe there is a problem somewhere. 

So, In order to better understand your demands and give the right solution, could you please provide some more specific information? such as your desensitized example data and a screenshot of your desired results?

Thanks for your efforts & time in advance.


Best regards,
Community Support Team_Binbin Yu

I'll try to explain it in another way:


If a "group" in the matrix doesn't contain "retour", I don't want it to be shown. If a "group" does contain "retour" I want all rows to be shown. This includes Exporteren, Goedkeuren, Retour and Verzenden.


In the table (bottom visual) I want to show all the details.

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