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Advocate I

List of known issues/bugs



since the GA I had contact with the support team about some issues that not behaved like expected - some of them then got escalated as as bug


As this will not only happen to me:

Could you somewhere provide an overview of known bugs/topics that you got reported and are currently working on?

If I know that this is a known issue, I don't have to write a question to the support again and could also get the information if it is fixed.

One would also get the information to issues one might not had so far but someone else in the community experienced.


Thank you for giving it a thought.

New Member

Totally agree. Just a follow up: In power bi, there are really too many bugs (may be by design but no declaration from Power BI support team), quite a few of which are blocking issues, . This is really bad user experience.

I second this suggestion, some transparency would seem to be beneficial. I'm not suggesting "full" transparency is needed, but based on the number of different questions surrounding the same subject that appear daily when something isn't working, it would be extremely helpful to all if we had some sort of indicator that an issue is a known bug or the result of one.

Rather than embarking on keeping a bug list up to date, or deciding which known bugs to share, if we had an indicator (much like the green checkmark for "answered") which could be applied by a staff or admin to a post, we would know that there is some back end issue and that Microsoft is already on top of it.

The value in doing something like this would be that it saves community members a lot of time trying to assist others if the end result will be the same.


Then we could request other functionality like, show me a section of all known bug posts, or sort by all "known bugs" 🙂

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I agree.


I'm looking to get a list of things to be aware of before we begin to promote the new Power BI to clients. I know they are working on the drill down issue, and there are some issues with refreshing (no support for SSAS refresh yet and some issues with certain on-prem SQL queries). Any other significant issues to note?





Personally, I wouldn't let any of the known issues/bugs stop you from promoting Power BI... The plus's far outweigh the negatives in my estimation. My experience has been that most clients are thrilled at how fast they are able to get visibility into their data, the ease of using the tool once set up, and how quickly you can change things up. They have been more than willing to work around any issues knowing that they are being worked on and improved upon.

My post was more in relation to being able to identify those issues so that I have the answers to questions, or can point out a known bug in discussions.


Looking for more Power BI tips, tricks & tools? Check out the site I co-own with Mike Carlo. Also, if you are near SE WI? Join our PUG Milwaukee Brew City PUG

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