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Advocate II
Advocate II

Issue with Chiclet Slicer on online reports

Hi everyone, 


I have been facing a bug for the past few days with the chiclet slicer. 


I use it across my dashboards, and it works perfectly on the Desktop version. But once my reports are shared online, I have been noticing (and other users of my dashboards have been noticing the same) that the chiclet slicers are not working properly.


In fact, when I click on an element of the slicer, the visuals are not filtered accordingly (nothing happens). But when I click again on the same element of the slicer (to filter it out), then the visuals are filtered based on this element. This is very strange and it strongly alters user experience...


Any help would be appreciated 🙂





PS: I am using Chrome.


Edit: I've tried on Microsoft Edge: same problem.



working for me now as well. Thank you for fixing the issue.

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This is very disappointing, and couldn't have come at a worse time. We were just about to train many employees to utilize and adopt a tracking dashboard I've created, and now most of it is rendered useless because of the chiclets breaking...

Frequent Visitor

This is another letdown for those of us that have gone to great lengths to get our teams and executives to adopt this product. If you are going to rely on custom community developed visuals to supply core functionality to your product, you'd better make sure you don't break them.

Helper III
Helper III

hi all,

I was also troubled by this issue, now  i lay a transparent graph on chiclet slicer to make it non-clickable.

waiting for the fix 

I talked to the chiclet slicer developers yesterday via github - they mentioned they were aware of the bug and have a fix coming in about 2 weeks. 

Can someone from Microsoft team confirm this time frame for the fix ?

I'm not sure how microsoft works with the people who developed the chiclet slicer if they would be aware... I hope they are, but perhaps they are not. Here's where I logged an issue directly to them:

Thanks Kelly!

Microsoft are the developers of this custom visual which makes it even more concerning that it's still not resolved.

ha! small world!! Here I was thinking it was a third party because it isn't part of the standard power bi release, but rather comes out of the store... Very concerning then that it would remain broken for this period of time. 

KellyDittmar - I agree. I honestly don't think I will ever use that custom visual ever again because I cannot depend on it and if there is a problem, it apparently takes months to address. Makes me now wary of using custom visuals at all.

@hannats - You are not alone! I am feeling very anxious about any visual I use that comes from the store... so far, I have tried 3 - and all 3 have been buggy... 2 of the 3 made it into my production environment & were presented to my C-level team... they loved them, until they noticed the bugs... Not good when your SLT cannot trust their custom developed reports. 


Each month, we hear about these great custom visuals & I want to use them and trust them where they fit - but thrice bitten twice shy. Over here, new and shiny doesn't beat tried and true! 

I must say that for this exact reason I intently avoided using any custom visuals except the ones that Microsoft built.

Unfortunately this case proofs that ANY custom visuals are great only for decorations in a non productions environments but they should be treated with limited liability in production.

Fancy jets are useless if they can't fly (or crashes very often Smiley Sad.)



Same probem here.  Chiclet slicer not working intermittently .  Below is a screen shot that shows some interesting results after I edited the report in the service and added a regular slicer.  As I clicked the chiclet the regular slicer did not even stay in sync with the selected chiclet.  No manage interations were done so this is pretty disconcerting.  I have not been able to establish rather a regular slicers is 100% foolproof or if the refresh button is either.






I finally convinced everybody of BI until this happened. This is not serious. I had to rebuild all reports and replace them with dropdowns. 


Not happy...

Frequent Visitor

Hi All,


a temp work-around can be as follow:


  • "edit report" web-based report online
  • temporarily switch to use basic slicer on all the chiclet visuals.
  • "delete custom visual" chiclet, then "import from store" to get it back (I suspect it is the "newer version" here from web-base)
  • switch visuals back to use newly imported chiclet

If your dashboard is "pin live page" of your report, it should work properly now.

That work-around did not work for me.

Status update. It's not a bug of ChicletSlicer itself, this issue is related to platform selection service and affects multiple visuals.

The fix is ready and currently it's in review. It will take about 2 weeks until the fix reaches the production environment.

Nikita Grachev,
Team Leader
Microsoft Power BI Custom Visuals,
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Experiencing the same issue and found this thread. Glad that it's been identified as an issue and a fix is on the way.

Advocate II
Advocate II

Still no fix on this one... This is very critical!


I am receiving calls everyday from users in my company who do not understand the data properly due to this bug..


Any idea on when it will be solved?!

I copied and pasted the updates that I have received on the SR that I opened (see below). As you can see below, there does not appear to be a sense of urgency regarding this so once again I would encourage folks to open their own SR's to help them understand that this is an urgent issue:


9/20I will let you as soon as we have an update about this issue.

9/22It is known bug. We're still investigating the reason.

9/27: I am doing everything that is on my hands to expedite this.

9/29: I requested an update to the Product Group team and I am waiting for their response. 

10/4: We have identified the issue and are working on a fix. The problem is not in the visual but rather in the timing of events in the host.

10/9: We identify the cause for this bug, it's a bug in the service. We already started working on a fix, it will probably take a few days until the fix will be checked in.

10/11: I just wanted to let you know that we are still working on getting the issue fixed.

10/18: Unfortunately we still don’t have an update on the Chiclet Slicer issue,.... We are aware that this issue is impacting multiple customers and for that, we are working on a fix.


Frequent Visitor

Same issue with IE11. But via Chrome it works fine...

It's indeed a critical issue!

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