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Is it possible to download a published report (from



is it possible to download a published report from


I have created an initial version in Power BI Desktop, published the pbix file and modified it in

Now I would like to download this changed asset. Is this currently possibly?

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I haven't seen a way to do it.

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me too 😞


neither a download in or an import option in Power BI Desktop App


This functionality is in preview (since Nov 2016)


more here: 


please take a look at the limitations - not all reports can be downloaded again! 

taken from the page  (as of 2017-01-31)

Limitations and Considerations

There are a few important considerations and limitations associated with downloading (exporting) a .pbix file from Power BI service.

  • To download the file, you must have edit access to the report
  • The report must have originated from Power BI Desktop and been published to the Power BI service, or the .pbix must have been uploaded to the service.
  • Reports must be published or updated after November 23, 2016. Reports published prior to then are not downloadable.
  • This feature will not work with reports originally created in the Power BI service, including content packs.
  • You should always be using the latest version of Power BI Desktop when opening downloaded files. Downloaded .pbix files may not open in non-current versions of Power BI Desktop.
  • If your administrator has turned off the ability to export data, this feature will not be visible in the Power BI service.

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