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Advocate III
Advocate III

How to hide dataset from the data hub



To improve training and overall user experience, we found out that it's best to "clean up" the Power BI home page as much as possible so users only see the final product; the published Power BI App.  To do that we removed users membership from the workspaces and gave then access to the Apps only with the Audience feature (Create Power BI app versions for different audiences - Power Platform Release Plan | Microsoft Learn).  


It did clean up the Power BI services home page, removing all the underlying report objects.  But we had hoped that it would also clean up the data hub view; it did not.


First, we made sure the audience configuration did not allow to neither share the App underlying datasets nor create new content from underlying datasets.



But the users from that audience can still see the datasets in the data hub view.  (The datasets highlighted below are from the App).



Is there a a way to prevent datasets to appear in the data hub view when those datasets are used exclusively as underlying data for a given published App?

Thank you



Resident Rockstar
Resident Rockstar

Hi @molegris 

I think you should look at the "Discovery" settings in the Tenant Admin. If your local Administrator turns off "Discovery" then these Datasets won't show up in the DataHub if they don't have implicity access to them.


Hope this helps



Hi @Burningsuit ,


Thanks for the reply but this wont work, for two reasons. 

1. We don't want to remove the ability to discover dataset at the tenant level because there are other groups in our organisation that when their datasets to be discoverable.

2. I my usecase, the users do have implicite access to the datasets since they have access to the App that uses those datasets.


For now, I'm just gong to assume it's not possible 😕

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