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How ignore selected slicer when i using formula

I have such kind of trouble in my report:
I have table which including dates, sales and other category (does not matter) and i have some date  slicer on report page, so my aim is when i click some date at slicer result shoud be click dates-previous date. 
but becouse of selected slicer it does not work.
here is example:
selected date in slicer is 27/02/2022 
so i want  sum of sales 27/02/2022 - sum of 26/02/2022 (becouse of slicer  sum of 26/02/2022 is blank)
thank you

Super User
Super User

You would need to capture that date, the recalculate the sum of sales using CALCULATE by removing the filter on the date table, then include only today and the previous date in the total.

But you will need to provide some data and confirm you are using a date table in the model. 

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