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How does one tell Power BI to "refresh dashboard tiles" at a regular interval in Full Screen Mode?

How does one tell Power BI to "refresh dashboard tiles" at a regular interval while in Full Screen (TV Mode)? We have a requirement to display and update a dashboard on a computer that is not attended.

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One of my clients is having this issue as well - I would love to see a fix for this. Otherwise, it renders TV mode a bit useless IMO.


My workaround for this problem has so far been to add the ?chromeless=1 paramater to the app's URL, run it on Chrome, install an automatic refresh plugin, such as Super Auto Refresh, and put the browser in full screen mode as well.


Only problem is that the Power BI loading image will appear everytime the browser refreshes.


I would really like to not be forced to rely on this workaround.

By using Direct Query you can get auto updates to the dashboard you're monitoring, without exiting the full screen mode and without touching anything.

Advocate III
Advocate III

Did you ever figure out how to get the dashboard to refresh 'while still in' tv mode?

Community Champion
Community Champion

@jahall4 From you powerbi report you can do pin live page as a dashboard. This will create a dashboard with live copy of your report and then you can display that dashboard in full screen mode.

Yes, however, how would you keep a dedicated tv in 'tv mode/full screen' and have the dashboard update? 


We would like to have lcd monitors in stores always in tv mode, refreshing multiple times a day.  However, I can only get the dashboard to refresh when exiting tv mode, and refreshing either manually with the URL or waiting for a gateway refresh.



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