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New Member

How can I filter by a list of values?

We have the need to be able to filter by a list of values.  For example, we have a list of orders and would like to be able to paste the values into a filter for order numbers.  Is this possible in either Power BI or Power BI Desktop? 


I understand you can search for a particular value, filter for a contiguous range of values, or check individual values for filtering, but it doesn't seem possible to paste a list of values to filter on.

Advocate I
Advocate I

Just found out the way to do this. Use this slicer: Mass Filter (


This slicer on say page 1 can only filter page 1. However, if theres 10 of them across each of the 10 pages, they all stay synced. So if we filter slicer #1 , #2-#9 also filter. The secret is to hide #2-#9 by putting them behind a visual, title etc. so users only see it on the slicer page


New Member

One simple solution would be to create a new data table for the list of values you need. Link it to your main data table, and then you can add it as a filter in your visuals.

New Member

This is insane not to offer this basic feature... I simply use Qlik products which has this ability built in. 

New Member

Hey there!


I found a visual on market place called "Filter By List", it is a very simple visual that does exactly want we are try to solve here.



Pedro Paixão

Could you please send the link?

This is the visual - worked perfectly for me.



Not sure why we can't do this natively....

This visual seems to be discontinued by pragmatic works, has anybody found a replacement? I spoke to their support and they have no information on why its not longer available and dont plan to replace it.

Continued Contributor
Continued Contributor

This Mass Filter appears to be the same custom visual and is on the app store and does sync across tabs!  Business Apps – Microsoft AppSource

Continued Contributor
Continued Contributor

If you're still looking for this functionality, I've discovered this custom slicer visual. It works. The limitation for me is that it doesn't sync across tabs and it is kind of large, but it comes in handy.


If this addresses your need, please consider marking this as a solution.

Not applicable

It doesn't work now.

Continued Contributor
Continued Contributor

This Mass Filter appears to be the same custom visual and is on the app store and does sync across tabs!  Business Apps – Microsoft AppSource

Hey. I am using this Mass Filter and would need to sync between tabs, but I can not figure out how. The built-in "Sync slicers" does not recognizes this visual and if I copy the visual PBI does not asks me if I would want to sync either. Can you help me how can I achieve this?

Continued Contributor
Continued Contributor

Hello @ttypical , It appears the Mass filter no longer syncs across tabs. Try this one, Filter by List:  

I use this one all the time, and it syncs across tabs. Have fun!

Note - filter by list recently went to a paid model and the sync across tabs feature no longer works. Huge downgrade in UI too. Hoping they revert their changes.

Really?? The paid version doesn't sync across tabs?? Are you sure? 


Was pushed out couple days ago. I tested the paid version and could not get it to sync across tabs anymore. The upgrade removed that functionality I guess.

Thanks. It just hit us today. If it doesn't sync across tabs, I might as well use the Mass Filter for the same functionality, but free. What a nightmare this is for us.

Same here - hit today and also a nightmare. I believe my idea above leveraging Mass Filter, and pasting it to each tab but hiding it behind visuals no longer works as well. It worked a month ago 😞 

Yes, I cannot get Mass Filter to sync across tabs either. So frustrating, not sure if this is developer issue or Microsoft, but ususally lots to blame on Microsoft for disruptions and unknown upgrades causing new bugs.

this is an updated post for this specific issue - see the dev response Re: Issue with Filter by List by Devscope Visual - Microsoft Fabric Community

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