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Advocate II
Advocate II

Hong Kong user's page tabs disappear on Reset to default

One user in Hong Kong reports that every time she clicks Reset to default, the page tabs disappear. 

From the screenshot she shared, I can see that the page appears to draw a bit larger to take up the space normally occupied by the tabs.  The bottom of Get Data button on the left normally lines up with the bottom of the tabs, but her screenshot shows the visualizations draw so their bottom lines up with Get Data.  In other words, the tabs don't appear to be off-screen, they seem very much to have been forgotten by the Power BI Service on delivering the page.

I have confirmed that her URL and mine are the same, but she is having a very different, unpleasant experience.

Super User
Super User

Hi there

Could you see what browser she is using?

I would imagine that there is something on her computer or network that is causing the issue.

The reason being is that if you can view the same report with the same URL then it is working as expected when you connect.

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Thanks for replying to my request for help.

I did neglect to mention that she is using Chrome, and many of our users, including myself, use Chrome with no issues.  She is the only user I am working with in the Far East region.


I believe it is something specific to her computer.  She says she experiences this 100% reproducible, and no other issues, so I do not know how it could be the network.


And to state clearly, she does see the tabs when she first opens the report, and they work fine until she does the Reset to default.  As I understand it, she then needs to close the browser to get it to work again.  The screenshot she shared with me had the same URL as mine, but in the real estate where I have the tabs (directly right of Get Data), she has the visualizations occupying the space (taking advantage of the missing tabs.

That is very odd when she says reset to default it changes the tabs and she cannot see them....

I am not sure what would be causing this. Possibly checking the source report to make sure that it does not have any bookmarks etc?

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