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Hide from Navigation Option in New Navigation Builder prevents report from loading

I have a report which links to a second more detailed report using filters passed in the URL. So for instance my main report allows a user to filter open cases to find ones they want to look into. To get more information about a case, they click a link in the table which opens a new tab containing a second detail report which is filtered using a Case Number. For instance, the URL looks something like this:

DetailReportURL?filter=Cases/CaseID eq 12345

This has worked great. However, I recently enabled the New Navigation Builder and I was delighted to find the "Hide from Navigation" option. Since the only time someone should access my detailed report is from my main report, I selected this option so the detailed report doesn't appear in the navigation menu. I couldn't be happier, except that now, when any of the users click a link to open the detailed report Power BI hangs on the "Building your app..." screen. If I uncheck the "Hide from Navigation" option it works fine again. I tried assigning it to a section, removing it from a section, checking and unchecking the hide box, deploying and re-deploying the app, all to no avail.

I also tired clearing the browser caches and logging in and out but that also doesn't appear to yield any result.

Incidentally, when we initially turned on the New Navigation Builder it wouldn't function in Google Chrome until we cleared our browser caches. I'm curious if anyone else has had the same issue. (It would expand and collapse the navigation menus just fine, but clicking the items didn't actually navigate you anywhere.)


Hi have created an issue which as been accepted by the Power BI team here.

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Advocate III
Advocate III

Looks like it's been fixed! 

You can now set the allow-access-to-hidden-content option. to allow users access to content hidden from the navigation menu.  So if you have a Summary Report-A containing an action button pointing to Details Report-B, you can now hide Report-B from the navigation menu to force users to always navigate to the Summary report first.


Just be aware that this option essentially transforms the Audience concept from a security feature to a user experience feature.  By turning this option ON, you're essentially turning OFF security.  Well, you're actually going to have to manage security at the workspace level, or per dataset, etc.





Community Support
Community Support

Hi @bpaynetrain1 ,

I think this should more related to feature update, power bi service seems remove permissions if you hide these report. So you can't use navigation link to access specific contents because of permissions reasons.


Xiaoxin Sheng

Community Support Team _ Xiaoxin
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So in what circumstances would I want to use "Hide from Navigation"?  If I don't want a given report included in the published app, there's a toggle for that in the Workspace reports list.  This seems to be a setting which allows a report to be published but inaccessible to users.  What possible purpose does that serve?  Am I completely missing the point of how this feature is supposed to be used?

Hi @bpaynetrain1 ,

You can contact to power bi team to confirm if they modify this feature.

submit a support ticketsubmit a support ticket


Xiaoxin Sheng

Community Support Team _ Xiaoxin
If this post helps, please consider accept as solution to help other members find it more quickly.

Hi have created an issue which as been accepted by the Power BI team here.

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