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Helper II
Helper II

Guest user can't edit report or add visual to dashboard

Hello everyone, 


I have an odd situation that hopefully someone has encountered before. I developed a report for a large credit company and due to their security and on-boarding complications I did so using my own tenant, simply sending them the PBIX file. Now they asked me to research something in the service, namely whether it would be possible to quickly create and manage some "custom" dashboard based on my report. Because the report uses AAS as a source, has RLS applied and a "language" slicer, this should be tested and they asked me to do it.


For that purpose, they added my account as a guest in their Azure domain. I was then added to the workspace (as an admin even, although I think member would have been enough) and specifically invited to the report. If I open the invitation, the report opens and I can navigate to the workspace from there. After doing that once, everything is also added to my regular overview after logging in, under "content from external" or some such. So far, so good.


I can create new reports in their workspace, I can create dashboards, I can add and remove users and change their permissions (because I'm an admin), all in all I have way more power than needed, BUT:


When I open a report (any report, even one I create from scratch based on the same data model), I don't have an "edit" button at the top (not technically necessary) and most importantly instead of the little "pin" (to dashboard) icon when hovering over a visual I get a copy icon that says "copy as image with captions". 


If I try to go around this by creating a new empty dashboard and adding a tile, I can choose (under content from web) "from report in this workspace" and select the report but I can't then click ok.


This had three IT guys and myself baffled for 90 minutes today until we gave up. It's kind of an edge case but I had fully expected it to work. Does anyone have a clue? 

Helper II
Helper II

Thank you so much for your reaction on this! I knew it was impossible to be completely comprehensive in my OP, so some more clarifications to your points:


- 1. This is possible and at this moment seems the most likely to me, although it seems strange to the point of maybe being an oversight on Microsoft's part. I can copy and create reports and dashboards and the edit button on dashboards works fine. Everything inside the report also works fine. Why the arbitrary limitation. 

  • 2. I have full edit permissions on the report.
  • 3. I have full permissions on the dataset. 
  • 4. I have no RLS applied and see all data.
  • 5. I have a PowerBI Pro license from their company which shows up correctly on my profile. Tbh I wouldn't be able to see anything at all if I didn't because they don't have PPC.
  • This is very unlikely as everything else functions normally and I can edit reports in my own tenant. From what I know of coding and browsers, this couldn't be it. But, fair enough, the proof is in the pudding and at this point I'll try anything so I'll pick another browser too. 

will please check your organization's settings thoroughly. rules are different across organizations. So, any rule implementation might be causing the issue. 


If that's not the case you might want to raise a ticket. 




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Unfortunately using a different browser gave the same result. With what I already tested, I didn't really expect any difference but it's still useful to exclude the browser definitively. 


At this point I'm out of ideas. All admin centers and settings screens look as they should according to three of their IT guys and myself. My account privileges look identical to the settings on my contact (internal user) and he can use pins and edit reports.


I suggested they could just grant me a temp account on their tenant for the work but they said there are so many security policies it's basically a no-go.


Meanwhile, as a workspace admin, I could basically bring down their BI reporting, but it is what it is. Super confused by this issue, I guess my only route is a ticket to Microsoft. I will report back. 

I do also suggested in the previous reply, if non of this works raise a ticket. 

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Super User
Super User

Hi, @SanderVeeken 


There are several possible explanations for this, but without a more thorough examination of the workspace and permissions, it's hard to say for certain. However, here are a few points to consider:

  1. Guest user access limitations: Azure Active Directory B2B (Business to Business) guest user functionality may have some limitations. Guest users might not have the full range of permissions that a full tenant user would have, even if they are assigned as admins within Power BI. One of these limitations might be the ability to edit and pin visuals from reports, even if the guest user has the appropriate workspace roles.

  2. Report permissions: You might have access to view the report, but not to edit it. This would explain why you can't find the edit or pin button. Check the specific permissions for the report in question.

  3. Data source permissions: There might be restrictions at the data source level. For instance, even if you can view a report, if you don't have permissions to access the data source (in this case, the Azure Analysis Services (AAS) source), you might not be able to edit or pin the report.

  4. RLS (Row Level Security): If RLS is implemented at the report level, it could impact how users, including those with admin rights, can interact with the data and visuals.

  5. License restrictions: Ensure that you have the correct Power BI license. Power BI Pro or Premium is usually required for collaboration features, including editing and pinning visuals.

  6. Browser-related issue: Sometimes, the issue could be browser-related. Try accessing the report from different browsers or in incognito mode. Also, clear your browser cache to see if it fixes the problem.

As a final resort, you could reach out to Microsoft support. They will be able to look more closely at your issue and provide a more definitive answer.

Remember to always adhere to the organization's data governance and security policies while attempting these steps. If you're not able to perform some actions due to these policies, it's best to involve a representative from the organization's IT or BI team.



However, if you're confident that RLS isn't an issue (for example, if you've created the report and RLS hasn't been implemented, or your guest user role has the appropriate permissions), you should look at the other possibilities mentioned:

  • Guest user access limitations in Azure Active Directory
  • Data source permissions
  • License restrictions
  • Potential browser-related issues

Remember to also double-check the report-level permissions, even if you're the one who created the report. Depending on the workspace settings, permissions can sometimes change when a report is published, or you might be affected by being a guest user in their Azure domain.



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