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Giving Free Users Read-Only Access to a Workspace or an App



I would like an advice on licenses for Power BI Service. 


When implementing Power BI in my company, my team was unaware of the exact specifics for the licenses.

It was decided that I as main creator will have one PPU license, a couple colleagues will have Pro and everyone else will have a free accounts because they just need to read the reports.

As I understood from multiple sources, free users are not able to access any Workspace / App content. 

1. Is there any convenient workaround without having to acquire Pro / Premium licenses to give users Read-only access? (even unorthodox solutions like publishing to a private server on web are welcome) 

2. I initially made all workspaces to be Premium. Is there a way to convert them to Pro?


3. Is it possible as compromise that all colleagues share one Account (accessing of Power BI through one account simultaneously?

We are a small company and only about 15 people would need to regularly use the dashboards. Unfortunately the budget is very limited for this purpose at the moment.



Thank you for the cooperation! 

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But beware, you can also share the data with third parties if you know how to do it.

View solution in original post

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The complete Walk trough for Sharepoint




this should work.

And here the Problem, if you look in the code of the side:
you can find the URL, with 2 steps in editor you can modifiy the URL and make it visible for third party



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As said, with this solution the visitor does not need a license to read the report.

But and therefore the warning, if you implement it this way, e.g. in the internal sharepoint, a "capable" user can copy the link via the page code, simply edit it and provide it to third parties.

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Thanks for your response!


And Is it viable that multiple employees use one account? 

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But beware, you can also share the data with third parties if you know how to do it.

Thanks for the answer, 


and is it possible to still protect the report so that it is not seen by users external from the organization? 

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