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Resolver II
Resolver II

Filtering pinned tiles

I see a lot of posts on this topic but it appears no real solution.

I have multiple Power BI reports that use the new(er) sidebar filter. When published it provides an editable filter that expands/collapses from the right side to change date ranges, etc.

This all works fine on each report, but the issue is that senior mgmt wants a single dashboard to view, so when I pin live tiles they stay at the filter setting that was at that time and never update, irrepsective of the current report setting. Selecting "Refresh Dashboard Tiles" does nothing that I can discern.

At present even deleting and re-pinning the tiles is hit-or-miss, I suspect because of cached data. When MS created this option didn't anyone think that with a live, auto-refreshing report behind the tiles someone would like the tiles to auto-update too, including to the latest filter settings? The reports all have MAAR charts with rolling 12-month data that needs to be advanced every month, and I am not seeing any way to do this that isn't agonizing.

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Daryl_K ,


The dashboard tile refreshes happen about every hour so that the tiles show recent results. You can change the schedule in the dataset settings, or force a dashboard update manually by selecting the ellipsis (...) in the upper right of a dashboard and selecting Refresh dashboard tiles.


The Scheduled cache refresh section of the Datasets tab is not available for datasets in import mode. These datasets don't require a separate tile refresh because Power BI refreshes the tiles automatically during each scheduled or on-demand data refresh.


Because it happens automatically, you can consider tile refresh an intrinsic part of data refresh. Among other things, you might notice that the refresh duration increases with the number of tiles. The tile refresh overhead can be significant.

By default, Power BI maintains a single cache for every tile, but if you use dynamic security to restrict data access based on user roles, as covered in the article row-level security (RLS) with Power BI, then Power BI must maintain a cache for every role and every tile. The number of tile caches multiplies by the number of roles.


You can learn more:Data refresh in Power BITroubleshooting tile errors.


Best Regards,



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I think my description wasn't clear, but the issue is the state of any filters or slicers do not update in the tiles.

My primary page has a bar chart with is a 12-month rolling average (12MRA). Once per month I update the filters/slicers so that the forst and last months advance by one month. 

This never filters through to the pinned live tiles. The state remains as it was when I first pinned it, so that (for example) the report current runs July `18 through June `19, but the pinned page is still stuck at May `18 through April `19, and I see no way to update the range on the pinned tiles without deleting the entre dashboard and recreating it (since it uses the New filter experience, and not on-page slicers.

I hate to necro this post, but even after figuring out my error (that was preventing me from pinning tiles) I still have the same issue.


A brief summary of my problem: I have a series of reports, each with a high-level MAAR chart that is a rolling 12-month average. Later pages have much more detail, but it's the overview 12MRA charts that senior management likes to see "at a glance," and that I've all pinned (as live tiles) to the main dashboard. The data itself auto-updates every 24 hours, so no issues there, but at the start of every month I move the start and end dates (on every report MAAR chart) forward by one month, to keep the 12-month rollling average continuous and ending on the last day of the previous full month.

This all works fine and dandy on the reports themselves, but the pinned tiles NEVER update, leaving me to delete te entire dashboard and re-pin tiles (which clearly aren't "live") every month also - a royal PITA.

I am guessing MS never thought of this and there is no solution??

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