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Advocate II
Advocate II

Excel Workbook and Gateway

I have an Excel document that connects to a DB on my private network using Power Query to bring data into a worksheet and the Excel data model. I have placed this document in my Onedrive for Business and have "connected" to it from within PowerBi. I was under the impression that once I did this I should be able to go into the ScheduleRefresh section of the workbook in PowerBi and connect it to my Gateway and once I manually refreshed it the excel workbook in my OneDrive would be updated with fresh data from the database. First, is this the way it SHOULD happen? Secondly, why do I keep receiving the following error that is utterly useless as most are from MS.


Last refresh failed: Tue May 15 2018 08:25:09 GMT-0600 (Mountain Daylight Time) 
Workbook refresh failed. See details for more information.
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Failed Connections:Query - Query1
Activity ID:8846b6c0-68e0-4266-ab2b-0b95ede3e6b6
Request ID:f5cc88a7-d2d1-a482-97ad-3e7f72af3428
Time:2018-05-15 14:25:09Z
Advocate II
Advocate II

Well, it appears that this is due to a service outage that has been in place since 5/12. Ridiculous how MS cant provide better error messages than they do. 

I agree.  The acknowledgement of this outage took way too long.  I'm happy to see it's finally up on the status page: long is it going to take to fix this...still nothing and we are on day 4 contrary to when they actually announced the issue.

Microsoft just updated their status page with this:


Some users may have experience problems with refreshing their excel online workbooks with on-prem data. Engineers are aware of the issue and are working on a fix. Next Update @05/21/2018 14:00 PDT.


Really?  We have to wait another 5 days just to get an update?  This service does not seem to be production-ready.  

Here we are...Monday morning. 5 days after they actually declared this an issue and one week since it really was an issue and it's still broken. I put in a ticket but the incompetence of the support people and their inability to communicate with me made that a waste of time. Seems that this functionality should be listed as BETA rather than production ready. I can't imagine the folks that are truly depending on this capability.

Received another update last night from Microsoft stating that the fix was validated in their test env and it would begin rolling out.  Should be fully deployed by Thursday. only took Microsoft 10 days to get this fix deployed. Well, we will wait and see if it really does in fact happen that way. I am SOOOO glad that Microsoft is focusing on all the worthless crap they are like being able to view Org Charts through VR Goggles on Sharepoint rather than fixing the products their customers already pay for. Wow...mind blown!

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Any update on this issue?

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