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Helper II
Helper II

Displaying Power BI Web Reports As SlideShow

I am trying to display the variaous visualizations in my report as a  slideshow. I am planning to use Chrome's Auto Tab to rotate each tab in a specified interval. So, I will put each visual in it's own tab. 


My question is, if power bi refreshes the data while chrome auto tab is running, do the graphs get updated or do I need another plugin to refresh the tabs? Has anyone tried this ? 




Currently, it's not supported to display report pages as SlideShow in browser. But you can export the report into PowerPoint for SlideShow purpose. For more details, please see: Export Power BI report to PowerPoint (Preview)



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Hi @Bernards6 ,


Thanks for the feedback! It has been a little while since I last posted that, and I was wondering if anyone was still going through and searching for the same thing I was.


In regards to your question, I know exactly what you are referring to. I noticed the same issue when I was testing this extension several months ago, back when I setup the Github repository.


If I had to guess, I need to modify the code to only fire off that refresh/rotate slide Javascript loop once an event happens from the user (e.g. you click a start button, or something of that sort). It would appear that that was how @_picoloto43  had originally set it up. My problem is I am (as the moment) not a fluent programmer in Javascript, but I know that the code utilizes the well-known Angular Javascript library among other things.


There is some documentation on Google Chrome extensions and how to communicate certain events and triggers to the browser, and I haven't had the time to go back and teach myself how to implement them. That might be a good place for you to start, unless I can return to it and figure it out before then. When I was troubleshooting it a few months ago, that is where I had left off.


My company is actually waiting for me to finalize some department and executive-level Power BI Reports to release to our Production Floor where I will be using my own extension, so I have to return to this very soon and figure it out. If you want, fork my Github repository to your own so you can keep up with any commits that I make.


I am in the process of teaching myself several Data Science techniques and languages, one of them being Javascript, so hopefully I can come up with a solution soon. I'm sorry I don't have more information for you in the mean time! Keep in touch, and let me know how it keeps working for you!


It's so nice to know I was able to help someone else out! The Power BI community is a really nice group of people.


Best Regards,


Advocate II
Advocate II


I created an extension in Chrome to make this. It's very simple usage.

Hi, I'm experiencing the "Could not load the manifest" error while Unpacking the extention even though I chose the correct folder. kindly help.

Hey @Duggi086 ,


This is Daniel, I'm the person with all of the old replies showing up as "Anonymous" - my previous community account got deleted. I've been responding to this particular community ticket for literally years. I haven't updated the Chrome extension in a long time. Instead, I've actually spent the past 10 months or so building a completely new desktop app from the ground up to to do what my forked Chrome extension tried to do with about x10 the features and capabilities. It's awesome. I'm about to release to my first groups of Early Adopters, check it out if interested! It's called Displagent!


Link here:

Hi @_picoloto43


This extension is cool it works!


I have another question, does it refresh the dashboards?


I have an auto-refresh add-on on Chrome browser along with your extension, but when the Page refreshes the slideshow goes on but it exits the full screen mode. Any solution to this?




Hi @sss0379


Why do you need refresh the page?


If you have schedule updates in Power BI,  you do not need to refresh.

I still working in the extension, I want leave the slide time adjustable.

Any idea will be welcome 🙂


how will adjust the time to be 30sec

Hey @samymsrd and @sss0379


I fixed the time for slide transactions. Now you can set a time in seconds, just click in the icon of extension with the right button and select "Options", remember to click in save and the update the repository.


Check the repository in GitHub again! Thanks guys



Screenshot from 2018-04-08 16-36-59.png

Not applicable



This is awsome.

Thanks a lot!

Is it possible to display a play/pause button? Or to pause the timer automatically when a user interacts with the report? I'd like to use it on a big screen with touch functionality.


This extension is superb!

Hey @AGo;

"Is it possible to display a play/pause button?"

Not now, but I will work in this feature 😉

Excellent extension.  Just want to ask also for a 'Pause/Play' button/feature.  The ask is to have people that walk up to a touchscreen to be able to pause the slideshow and change a report filter.




Capture.JPGI am getting this error message

Nevermind this is amazing thank you.

Hey @benjaminhoang




This error it's because you are not in report page.


Thanks, Hope this extension helps. 


@_picoloto43 Hey. I am having a issue with data on the dashboard not refreshing anymore even though my data set refreshed. It is still flipping through the tabs though.

Hey @benjaminhoang

Can you try add in end of your report URL "?chromeless=1" and start the extension?

I think this trick will solve your problem


like this



It was previously working without that change. I will try this and let you know. Just once again love the work.

Thanks @benjaminhoang!!!


Let me know if you have any problems.

Hey! For some reason everytime my data refresh by schedule refresh now my dashboard slide show will stop.

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