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Helper II
Helper II

Determine the premium capacity

Hello everyone,
I would like to bring my App into production.
For now there are only 2 reports in the App but others will certainly be created. I would like to be able to embed the report by customer.
For now, these reports are only viewed by 5 users.
How can I determine the premium capacity I need?
How to know whether to pay on a monthly or hourly basis?
Are there any guides?
Thank you all

Super User
Super User

Hi @dwh 

It depends on whether you want or need to scale up to a larger number of users.

With only 5 users it would be far more cost efective to purchase 5 Power BI Pro licences (on a monthly plan) and give those users access to the app, than buying Power BI Premium Capacity or any other A or P SKU licences.

If however you will get many more users it may be worthwhile looking at Power BI embedded or a Premium capacity.


see : Power BI licensing for users in your organization - Power BI | Microsoft Docs 

and : Power BI implementation planning - Power BI | Microsoft Docs

hope this helps


Hi @Burningsuit ,

Thanks for your help, we think the users will increase.
My problem is that I embed the reports on an application using api rest.
I have always used token generation via embed for customer but now it tells me to buy a premium version and I would like to understand which capacity to submit to my company and understand how the capacity works. What does hourly billing mean? Does it start when I open the report? Or do I have to decide on the time slots? How many reports can I put in the lowest SKU? I can not understand
Thank you

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