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Date Slicer suddenly showing a calendar icon in Service but not Desktop

Good morning,


I've had this report running for years in service, no problems.   Suddenly this morning, I started receiving tickets that user could only see the first date field in the date range.  This is what is shows now in service:



I opened the desktop version and refreshed.  It still shows this:




I republished to see if that would fix it, but it is still showing the icon.  I can only find issues online for people ironically wanting to add this icon, but being told they can't. I wouldn't mind it except I have roughly 80 report pages that will need to be reformatted to show the second date.

I checked the Global setting and don't see anything obvious that would change this.  Anyone have any ideas how I can make the service show without the icons again?


^ That's not exactly a "Solution", do beter Microsoft.  It was your standard date slicer.  It appears that you rolled back to the default settings (no calendar icon) presumably after receiving much backlash from those of us that had to go and resize all of our slicers

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New Member

I find a similar case today and found a solution to control the display of the calendar Icon.

You can export your template (do a little change to visuals elements to help you with json) and add this little part in it : 
  { “hideDatePickerButton”:true}

Of course, modifiy hideDatePickerButton as you need it.

Then, import your template again and it should show or Hide the calendar in the date slicer.

Super User
Super User


I just published a blog post on how to control the visibility of the calendar icon which was added in the March 2022 update. I also found a bug in this feature. 

Here is my post:

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Resolver II
Resolver II

I have 2 PBI opened, in one of them there are calendar icons in the slicer, in the other one, there is none. Both files using the same theme file...what's going on? Based on what do those icons show up?!

Resolver II
Resolver II

Hi All,
is there anywhere to standardize all report with or without calendar icon??  My old report setting has ticked the following, but the slicer didn't show that icon.


Thanks and Regards.

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Frustrating. The issue is back in both desktop and when published. None of the suggested remedies worked. I wish there were a way to hide/show the icon.

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This is a really annoying issue - the calander icons show in desktop but not when published to the service. Sometimes I see just the data boxes, sometimes the whole slider it's inconsistent between desktop and the service making it really hard to position the slicer show it displays properly please fix!

New Member

This is a big problem for me too.  We just rolled out a standard template and no longer does the date slicer fit in the template. We now need to change the entire templat to accomodate a wider slicer.  I notice some in this converstaion mention the slicer reverted to how it was after they made changes. Unfortunately for us this has not reverted to how it was.  Very annoying.  The ability to turn off these icons would be a win.

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @KramGemm 

What type of slicer are you using? I didn't find the slicer you used in the default visuals of Desktop, so I can't restore your scene to test the problem you mentioned.


Best Regards

Community Support Team _ Ailsa Tao

If this post helps, then please consider Accept it as the solution to help the other members find it more quickly.

It is the slicer in visualization. Standard out-of-the-box and basic slicer.  Not sure why you can't find it.




Clearly it's something Microsoft rolled out and then rolled back without any communication.  It seems everyone who experienced this issue had it dissappear as randomly as it appeared.

Calendar icons appear using the latest version of PBI Desktop. Ugh...when will Microsoft start QAing changes before releasing them to us, their guinea pigs?

^ That's not exactly a "Solution", do beter Microsoft.  It was your standard date slicer.  It appears that you rolled back to the default settings (no calendar icon) presumably after receiving much backlash from those of us that had to go and resize all of our slicers

We seem to have the opposite problem, the calendar icon is showing in Desktop but not Online.  The icon was showing in both Online and Desktop before the latest update.  Anyone came across this?

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This is such a frustrating move by microsoft.  Not only do we have to go in and adjust almost all of our dashboards because wehave no option to turn this off, we also opted for a dark background and our users can't even see the icon.  We can't get rid of it, we can't format it and it has caused major issues accross our end user community

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What is the issue here?  I spent all day adjusting slicers to work with the icon and now it has gone away again? WTF

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The exact same problem happened to us. Still looking for an answer as to why this happened. The only thing that fixed it is to adjust the size of the slicer itself in each report.


Hopefully we get an answer soon.

Is there a way to fix this? I still can't get rid of the calendar icon.

Hi Turkey - are you caching?  The problem went away the same day it occured - shut down all your browsers  should be good now

I'm using Power BI desktop. I cleared cache, uninstalled Power BI, installed March release and it's still there. 

Not applicable

I'm honestly not sure what happened but it fixed itself over the weekend (march 12-13) for us.

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