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Date Slicer - End Date not showing


I got problem with Date slicer in Online BI, right End date does not show since 09/08/2020 and the only way to recover, is to set text size 8.




I have many Bi online for my company, is there a way to solve it ? no problem with Desktop.






Edit : working on Edge, not working on mozilla/Chrome

Super User
Super User

Give the slicer more space.  Power BI service does not guarantee pixel perfect rendering across browsers. If you want that you need to use Paginated Reports/Report Server.

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How did you expect that it works two day ago, it's not a server or report Issue, and it work well on edge, randomly for firefox/chrome with the same size.


My company have thousand of report that does not have issue since they'r online, i expect other solution than get more space. too much time to resize all report.


thx for u'r reply.



Hi @Anonymous ,


This is a very common issue with Power BI reports that the same reports give different layout/formatting in different browsers. Power BI reports as of now is not responsive with browsers or even screen size for that matter.

However some visualizations are responsive(You will see a responsive toggle in Format for these vizes) and they can adapt themselves with change of browser and screen size but I'm afraid that slicer is not one of these responsive visualizations.


3 things you can probably do:

1. Change slicer's size

2. Create a support ticket and check if MS can help: Link

3. Submit an idea for this challenge so that it may get resolved in future: Link


Give a thumbs up if this post helped you in any way and mark this post as solution if it solved your query !!!

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