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Datamart dataflow contains linked computed entities - But I don't think it does!

I hope someone can shed some light on this!!


I am hitting an error loading data into a Datamart (Premium capacity workspace) from a dataflow (also in the same workspace):




The Dataflow is a straight load from a SQL DB, with a few ETL steps, which loads perfectly fine on a scheduled basis.


When I import the dataflow data into the datamart, I want to perform additional transforms, and THIS is where the error above gets triggered. If I simply import the Dataflow into the Datamart without ANY changes, the Datamart loads correctly.


My question is why am I unable to perform additional transform steps on the Dataflow data on the way into the Datamart?? (I thought that was the whole point of Dataflows & Datamarts: Pipe the data into Power BI using Dataflows once, then reuse that data in multiple Datamarts.


Have I missed something in my understanding of what is possible with Datamarts, or is it the fact that they are still in Preview mode means maybe they're not fully operational yet?



Frequent Visitor

Having the same issues. It doesn't seem to matter if I make the transformations in datamflow or datamart, it still gives the same error. Seems odd that I can make some changes to the data without issue but I'm changing a date/time field to date and then linking this to my calendar table. It's only when I add this transformation I get the error.

Just thought I'd share this... I've manged to resolve the issue I was having. Instead of Changing the data type for my column I used the 'Transform column>Date only' option to create a calculted column and it's now working.



Regular Visitor

Same issue here. Seems that the dataflow connection on datamart doesn't support changes.

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Same Issue here

Advocate II
Advocate II

We've managed to get round this issue by ensuring the data is correct in the Dataflow. I could be wrong, but I think you can edit the data in the Datamart, just not when connecting to a flow. 

Well, I would need multiple dataflows for the same data in this case. I have data from human resources that I cannot share some columns with users because of privacy. I was going to remove these columns in the datamart, but that breaks the datamart creation.

Advocate II
Advocate II

Same issue here

Advocate II
Advocate II

Thanks for flagging this. We are also having the same issue. 

New Member

I'm having the same issue bringing in a Dataflow to a Datamart.  Were you able to resolve?

still having this issue

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