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Dataflow should be considered as preview?

I have so many issues with Dataflow:

  • Extremely slow refresh
  • Diagram view containing already removed sources (forgiven because it's preview)
  • Entities with wrong datatype after a perfectly fine written query
  • M code commented out code disappearing after saving (watch out guys!)
  • Read about many more issues in this forum 

I mean, I just started with Dataflow, and I'm already running into a lot of trouble. The commented out code disappearing could really ruin one's day.


I have found that by recreating the Dataflow by exporting and importing Json fixes some of these problems.

Be sure to backup query code in notepad just in case!



Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Microsoft offically GA'd dataflows in April I think, it was in Preview before that--so it's not in Preview now.


That being said, I've noticed some of these issues too.


For Premium users, Enhanced Dataflows Compute Engine *IS* in Preview, so I wouldn't rely on that in a production environment.

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