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Advocate I
Advocate I

Dataflow based reports stopped working last night

All of our reports stopped updateing last night with this error:

[ValidateMarkupTags][ccon]Expression.Error: Blob URLS are not supported within the ADLS Gen 2 connector.. [ccon]


We have defined a CDM based DataFlow to point out the model.json file (using the DFS URL)

Then the report (or model ) is using the PowerBI dataflow (legacy) connection to fetch the data.


It is working in PoerBI desktop, but not online.

We have tried to chnage to Powerplatform dataflow in the report and still same behavoir


Feels like MS has changed something. The error message is refering to a CSV file on the ADLS storage usung BLOB url, so it fells to me it is related to how the connector is reading the data from the dataflow


Anyone else experinced this?? Any ideas??

Regular Visitor

Hi all: MS aims for the 20th of May (at least that is what they told us)

We just got the update that the issue should be solved yesterday evening. I didn;t verify it yet.

Hi all


Sorry for not replaying earlier. To much work to do 🙂


I havn't verified if it is working or not yet. I have a workaround in place at the momement that fixes the url in the json files, so that has done it so we can continue to use our reports.

But since there now are reports that it is working again, I will check if I can remove my workaround.




I can confirm our data refresh completed successfully 15-May-2024 17:00 AEST. Finally!



Advocate I
Advocate I

@FredrikW  We're experiencing the same issue today. Did this ever get resolved for you? @v-heq-msft  any updates from the product team?

It works for me now.   So at least for my environments in WE-datacenters the issue seams to habe been fixed. 

Frequent Visitor

Hi everyone,


Does anyone know when is the patch going to be released?

Regular Visitor

Microsoft has informed us last week that they tried to fix it before the end of April without success. They now aim for the 20th of May. Our Power Automate Flow solves the issue for us, so we can live with it.

Frequent Visitor


I had the error message on 29-04-2024 18:10 Sydney AU time.


Same here. Still have the issue. 30-04-2024 08:00 CET

New Member

Hello Team,


As you mentioned this is issue has been fixed on April 27th, but still we are facing the same issue, the data is stored in Australia can you let me know if the issue has been fixed for Australian region?

Advocate I
Advocate I



I have got an reply from MS that they have a fix ready and it will be released with the next platform update on April 27th


Does it work for you now ?

Unfortunately it still fails for me at 3-May-2024 12:00 Sydney AU.

Regular Visitor

Great. We had the same reply yesterday:


"We had a discussion with the Dynamics F&O Team and our Power BI Escalation team on the issue. 

After, in-depth troubleshooting on the findings of the issue and extensive internal discussions, we have escalated the issue to our product team.


Our product team, further Investigated and observed that there is a regression in the backend due to the recent deployment, which is causing the trouble and appreciated for bringing the issue to our notice.


Our Product Development team has identified the root cause and working on the same to fix the issue as soon as possible.


Rest assured, our product team is fully committed to resolving this matter swiftly. They are actively working on implementing a solution to rectify the situation as soon as possible.

As of now we don not have an ETA for the fix, but we will update you once we received any further update from Product team.


Apologies for the inconvenience caused because of this regression, and we appreciate your patience for any inconvenience caused due to this issue or delay caused."


Hi all,


We have reported this issue and submitted it to the product team.
They have been aware of the issue and the engineers will do their best to resolve it. I will update here if there is any progress, so please be patient. 


Best regards.
Community Support Team_ Albert He

Hi Albert,


Just wondering if Microsoft will reimburse the cost (increasing daily) associated to the temporary fix that I have implemented in Azure Data Factory?


Advocate I
Advocate I

Latest update from MS:


Hello Fredrik,
Greetings of the day!
Hope you are doing well.

I would like to inform you that the issue is escalated to our product team and the team is actively working on resolving it. I want to assure you that your concern is being given the highest priority. The current status of the issue is "processing," and we are diligently working towards a solution. Unfortunately. there is no ETA provided at the moment. I will keep you updated on the same.


Thank you in advance."

Frequent Visitor

Thank you for the update.

Unfortunately I don't have Power Automate (Premium) so in the end I used Azure Data Factory - Data Flow to update the files.

Advocate I
Advocate I

Nothing new from MS. Had a screen sharing session last friday, but they only collected some logs. Don't feel that the logs would help very much..
Great suggestion about setting up Power automate to "fix" the files as a workaround. I am testing this right now as a temp fix

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