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Helper I
Helper I

Dataflow: What you see is not what you get !?

Hi there,


I have a problem with Dataflow that Transformation steps is being evaluated differently between "Power Query Editor" mode showing in Editing Dataflow vs. result come out from PowerBI services.


  • In Power Query Editor mode of the dataflow, at final transformation step of the table, I got 123 rows:


(I have also tried to copy all steps and evaluate in PowerBi Desktop, I got 123 rows too)


  • Then I save the dataflow, then refresh it, then open refresh report, it says only 120 row Processed:



  • Then I open PowerBI desktop, create new project and connect to that dataflow table, what I got is only 120 row, too:

madrid_2-1671255950187.png (in Data tab)

madrid_4-1671256125189.png(and in Power Query Editor mode)


There was nothing special on that 3 rows, they are with normal data like other rows. I also making sure there is no simple mistake here (no filtering, no cross reference).

Anyone has experienced this ? What else can I try to resolve this issue ?


Many thanks in advance!

Super User
Super User

Any of your data depending on timezones?

Hi Ibendlin, No, data source is a static excel files in SharePoint.

let me ask differently - any datetime fields ?

Yes, there is a date time column in the Excel file (as data column, not a calculated one). Any hints?


- the power bi service runs on UTC

- you are looking at the data based on the browser's user's timezone.

- you have a relative date filter somewhere

-> some data is cut off.

Thanks for suggestions, but I'm very sure it's not the case.

As I mentioned earlier there is no filter being applied. The date/time column is actually showing when the file uploaded to SharePoint, so actually only 2 different time/date values for those 123 rows.

I don't remember read somewhere saying interpretation engines are difference in Editor mode vs in Service background mode ? Could this be the case ?

That could be the case if you were not using a dataflow. For those I would have to assume that the mashup engine matches the ones in the service. 

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