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Dataflow - Refresh Issue - Query works fine, when refreshing this comes up..

Hi All,


So I have just gotten access to a Company Gateway and wanted to test setting up a dataflow. The query designer runs fine and there are no issues when validating the query. 


However when I want to manually refresh the dataflow it gives me the error below, but I have no idea on what it is actually giving the error.. It doesn't state any column? My datatypes are all correctly set up I think? (see pictures included)



Invalid date,TEST DATA FLOW 1 to refresh,Mislukt,Fact PL Data - TEST DATAFLOW,21/11/2019 17:32:13,21/11/2019 17:32:48,Mislukt,Error: We couldn't convert to Number... RootActivityId = c8cac63c-ae27-4a63-871d-c1aa721ac28e.Param1 = We couldn't convert to Number. Request ID: 4d1a7298-5a18-1d91-8d67-d2ecbeb1a59a.


Can someone give me some more info on why this is happening? No idea how I can figure out here what went wrong..



New Member

Hi Everybody,


I had the same issue. It happened when I updated a linked table. To solve this, what I did was to add a remove error step after the change type, for the table that was presenting this error.


This seems to solve it and there is no difference in the data.


I hope this helps.

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Do you have a conditional column in the query somewhere?

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EDIT:  I tried to load the raw data without any extra step in the query (so no conditional columns). 


I tried this multiple times for different Excel files in my folder (which have the exact same columns and row data) and which load perfectly normal in desktop version when published => Somehow for some Excel files it randomly gives this exact same error.. And for some Excel files it doesn't..


It seems to be totally random and I have no idea why it's happening.. All of the data in the Excel files is exactly the same and it should make no difference at all..


I tried refreshing with 2 Excel files are in the folder => It works

I add 2 random excel files => Stops working..

I delete those 2 random excel files giving the error so that I just have those 2 original ones which were working => Stops working...


So this behaviour seems totally random and I don't know what is causing this..


This really seems like a bug..


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Bumping to the top, I really don't understand this error and it seems to be a bug in my opinion..

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I'm using sharepoint folder as connector, in that also I'm getting same error in the dataflow.


I've first created a code in Power BI Desktop, there the code was working perfectly, now I copy & pasted the code to my dataflow, and added credentials, but if I'm refreshing my dataflow, I'm getting same error.


Error message: 


Error: DataFormat.Error: We couldn't convert to Number. (.. RootActivityId = cf3a5bf9-106a-4c82-94bd-f855b92f7aca.Param1 = DataFormat.Error: We couldn't convert to Number. ( Request ID: ba9ff2ea-e988-49f3-8e85-a36235a6fc8f.


Do anyone have an idea, why this kind of issue is happening

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I am getting the same error on one of my Data Flows and it is not only annoying, but dibilating for our work stream!   


When I save the the workflow the query is validate fine, it is when I try to do the refresh it fails. 


I have serveral business units that depend on this data flow with 12 tables in it and without it I would have to recreate several reports with their own version of the these 12 tables.   Please let me know how I solve this issue.  

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Is there any resolutoin on this?   I now have 5 data flows that are failing for the same error, all of these ran fine and updated on schedule up until a few weeks ago.   Feels like another one of MS's poorly executed upgrades?

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