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Data not showing in Online version but shows in desktop

Hi all,


looking for a bit of assistance with a odd issue.


I have a dashboard which feeds from multiple excel files on a reporting machine.


Excel files auto reshresh every hour and the data is added when the dashboard refreshes..


Everything works fine...almost...


Issue i have is that the data in the online version only goes up to Friday 24th of November even when refreshed.


Desktop version shows up to date data (up to today).


I have removed the online dashboard and re-published it however getting the same issue.


The desktop version has data till today but when i push it online it only shows data till 24th (which should mean its not a data/filter/config issue, I think)


any suggestions?

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When you say you deleted the Dashboard, do you mean you only deleted the entry under the Dashboard title?  I'm curious if you only deleted either the dashboard or the report but left the dataset intact.


When you republished, the dataset is unchanged and if you have a data gateway set up, it would have accepted your visualisations but attempted to refresh through that gateway.  If that failed, you are stuck with the old data.


I'm wondering if you have a problem in your gateway settings.



So im deleting the dataset altogether.


Ive managed to narrow it down a little..


It looks like that once I publish it, the data is there and only disappers when the dataset is refreshed online.


If the dataset is refreshed in desktop, it seems to be fine.

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That adds more evidence to the gateway or connection details being the culprit.  When you do a refresh online, do you get a failure in the refresh history?

nope, it appears to be refreshing fine 😞



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Do you have any dates that are calculated on refresh?  Do any of those dates affect the method you are using to detirmine your refresh until date?  Could your localised clock on your computer be providing a different result to the datetime on the web?  If so, could the weekend just gone (lack of data due to weekend) be exaggerating the problem?



What is the exact reference you are using to your data source?  Are you pointing to a directory on your desktop, that if the same address is run from the Gateway server you would navigate to a valid file, but ultimately a different file with older data?

No dates being calculated on refresh, dates already available in the imported data.


I dont think its a PC clock issue pureley as I have 4 other reports feeding from a same machine and they dont have this issue.


I will re-examine the file paths now.


Btw, below is couple of screenshots (jammed in same Paint copy/paste)


Once the report is refreshed the date visual is showing dates available but when selected no data is displayed.


Before being refreshed online (just after being published) dates can be selected and data is displayed.





Hi @djstrbac,


Without selecting any date in slicer, were those corresponding records from 25th Nov to 28th Nov visible?



Yuliana Gu

Community Support Team _ Yuliana Gu
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