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Data lost between PoserBI and Power Automate

I have an integrated Automate Flow that is executed within a PowerBI visual.


The problem experienced is that the following select and filter array step broke:


Hours and Bonus returned only Null and therefore the output from the filter array was blank.

Both the Hours and Bonus columns are based on a Calculation made in Power BI. The flow was completed and worked, but when changes to the these calculations, the underlying Dax code for these calculations was changed in the process. The calculations themselves show data correctly in the Power BI report and thereby we know that the dax code is correct. The names of the calculations were not changed. After these changes, the flow stopped working. I have read (somewhere), that there is a catch in a Power Automate Instant Cloud Flow, which does reset after changes to the confgiuration. My suspicion is that the old code is cached in the Bonus Calculation (names not changed) and therefore it fails.

I have tried rebuilding a new flow with a new Power-Automate visual in the Power BI report. The structure and procedure are the same and the new flow works. I think that there is a cache somewhere that I have not been able to reset and therefore one flow does not work, while the other works as it should, even though there is no difference between the two flows.


In this pic the Power Visual Data is shown (This is the data that might be cached?! I have made changes to the DAX code behind the name "Bonusd calculated by A".



Expression filter array use to sort:


Super User
Super User

I would look for a simpler explanation. 

As I understand it the Power Automate visual does not understand nor care where the values come from, or if they are columns or measures. 

It does care about the data type, so when your measure changes types that may confuse the visual.

It also cares - and very much - about the filter context.  You must check and double check that the Power Automate visual is impacted by the same filters as whatever you use to say " The calculations themselves show data correctly in the Power BI report and thereby we know that the dax code is correct".


In the Edit screen of the Power Automate visual you can rededicate flows to the endpoint. Try pointing away from the original flow and then back to it.


In the flow history you can see what data was actually transferred - maybe not what you expected.


Lastly - that's an awful lot of computations on the flow. Can't you do these in Power BI?

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