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Advocate II
Advocate II

Dashboards are not refreshing

The problem is that dashboard tiles are not refreshing, whereas the report connected to the dashboard is updating properly according to the set schedule.
This problem became very frequent about a week ago, at the same time as the Shapes option was added. Since that only manual update helps (I simply repin the tiles to the dashboard). As I pin a fresh tile to the dashboard, the similar tile pinned earlier also gets updated.
But after manual repining of the tile, it is not getting updated anymore, unless I repin it again.
Please, advice how the dashboards could be updated regularly and automatically (without my participation).

Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

Hi @googlogmob, Are you still see this issue? If so, can you file a support ticket at since may require more in depth troubleshooting. Thanks!

View solution in original post


It's important to understand what's going on in a dashboard tile. A dashboard tile is not a reference to a report visual, but a reference to a report visual ***AND*** to that visual's filter context at the time of pinning. This is by design and very useful. I will often create dashboards by creating a report, then applying filters to that report (e.g. to a CurrentYearFlag = true, or to a specific dimension category only), and then pin the same visual to the dashboard under multiple filter contexts.


The fact that a dashboard tile does not inherit new filters placed on the parent after the time of pinning is, to my mind, a very valuable and powerful feature (else I'd have to create the same report a half dozen times to support the filters in a single dashboard - talk about unwieldy).


Then there is an issue seen by some users where the data shown in a dashboard tile is not updated as data is refreshed, thus data that now exists in the underlying dataset (and should be visible in that tile's filter context) is not being reflected in the tile visual, whereas it is being displayed in the report visual (when that visual has the same filter context as the tile).


Only the second item described is a bug. The first is a feature that sometimes trips up first-time users.

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About the "2nd issue" that you refer to as a "bug?"   Is there a fix for that ?  I'm experiencing a situation where one of my BI app dashboards won't load from Pro.  Everything is correct on Desktop and on the webbased version (Pro) but for some reason the dashboard just spins (get's to about the 85% load on the bar and then freezes)?  Any ideas on how to fix this, short of deleting and rebuilding the dashboard?

This feature is restricting us to automate out dashboards. we always have to create new dashboard whenever there is new set of data available. consider the scenario where one has to publish daily reports and he/she has to make dashboard each and everytime  which is very annoying. Atleast in excel we just have to refresh pivot/charts and view gets changed accordingly

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Ok. So, my latest "workaround" from Microsoft works however, it is a good news / bad news situation...


From Microsoft:


The RC is a date time filter on the report page from the date slicer (bottom left visual). It appears that the customer has the below ordering of events.

  1. Report has date slicer from 1/1/2017 to 7/31/17. 
  2. Customer pins tile, which saves a filter for that date range (as shown by traces)
  3. The date range is changed on the report (to end at 7/1) and saved.
  4. The report now is filtering to a different date range than the tile. We do not update tiles if the report is changed, the user must re-pin the tile. In this case the report has a different date range than the visual.


This explains why there would be different date range in the tile vs the report.


My recommendation to the customer is to:

  1. Delete the tile
  2. In the report, clear the date slicer state. You can do this by dragging the left slider all the way to the left, and the right slider all the way to the right (set the min/max) on the date slicer visual. By setting the min/max you are setting "no filter"
  3. Save the report
  4. Pin the visual - the visual will have no date filtering.
  5. Refresh - visual should match report before and after refresh


The good news... This works. The bad news is it basically negates the date slicer function from the dashboards. Reports can still be filtered manually however, the most important fingertip info cannot be? For shame. 


I have replied back to the support staff stating this very issue and hope to hear from the soon. Mind you, this issue has been going on for MONTHS. Meanwhile, I rebuild dashboards... wait for it ... DAILY. 



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Hi mate,


It's a shame that dashboards with filters don't refresh and it's been going for months. Consider using views if your data is on a SQL database.

Hope this helps.




When we pin any tile to dashboard it creates a copy on the dashboard, it is not linked with report anymore. It is linked directly to the dataset. This is what I learnt from usage. I use dashboard to highlight just summaries, pin only those tiles you are not expecting to change for long time and use those tiles as navigation to the actual report. Do not place too much information on the dashboard.

Isn't the whole point of dashboards to show small snippets of automatically refreshed information? 

Absolutely right, the idea was not bad. The way it was implemented technically is very bad. I understand it is too difficult for them to change it without changing the whole architecture, that is the reason it takes so long to fix it. 

Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

Hi @googlogmob, Are you still see this issue? If so, can you file a support ticket at since may require more in depth troubleshooting. Thanks!

Even i encountered the same problem .

I have imported data from sql using power bi desktop application.

If i republish data ,it shows me updated datasets and reports as well. But when i manually refresh report or dataset, though it don't give me any error ,they aren't updating.

I have installed power bi gateway-personal as described in documentation.

Is there any chance i have skipped something ?

What is permanent solution to this issue, we are still having this issue.


Some dataset refreshes the data in the Q&A tile dashboard reports. Some dont. it is very frustrating for IT and for the users and we need to manually refresh the dashboard tiles.

after 2 days of manual refresh....


power Q&A reports are doing auto refresh now... looks like we need to wait for few days, not much we can do.


Hope we know what is the reason for this 2 days wait time

I have several dashboards which contain pinned visuals (not live pages) from my report. After publishing new data, the report is properly updated but some of the tiles update with the new data, but others don't.


  • I have checked and I have no active filters at report, page or visual level. (some filters at visual level but none are active, they are set to (All))
  • The "Refresh dashboard tiles" function does not fix the tiles which have not updated with the latest data

I've searched and found many others on the forum with this problem but where is the solution?


If it's here, I don't see it:


  • As suggested, re-pinning the visual works (until next time) and does cause the data to be corrected but it is not an acceptable solution to ask users to rebuild their dashboards every time they update the data
  • This single problem means that:
    1) I don't trust the data to be updated and have to spend lots of time manually verifying it before I release it
    2) I cannot recommend Power BI as a solution due to the high maintenance cost of rebuilding dashboards every time new data published
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I have the same issue, when I pin a tile on the dashboard it doesn't get refreshed. however when you pin a whole page it does.

Community Champion
Community Champion

I filed a ticket and have only received a canned response so far. This has been an ongoing problem for over a month.

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Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

We made a transition to a new ticketing system about a month and a half ago. This new system should have a faster response time, and if you are still seeing issues, please let me know. 

Community Champion
Community Champion


I am now receiving hit and miss answers to my ticket. The last email said due to holiday time, response time was slow. I am a Pro user but can't get the admin to send a ticket.

I have alternately been told it was fixed and that they are working on it. I am refreshing several dashboards several times per week by re-pinning visuals. I really need to get this fixed. Today I am supposed to walk the CEO through the IOS app so that she can view the very dashboards that I can't get to refresh.  Here is a snip from the last email I received:

"I have heard that after the known issue with these tiles not refreshing from multiple data sources, the product group has noted they resolved it. I was informed by other customers that as of this week they were able to re-pin the visualizations again to the dashboard and the refresh continued to work for more than just one day (as you had experienced before). If you don’t mind giving this a try and updating me."

The last email assured me that it was fixed last week and requested that I repin my visuals. Well, as Monday rolled around I was repinning again. Very frustrating.

This should be fixed by now.


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Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

I wouldn't call it an issue, but it is a limitation to Power BI, and a very annoying one not just to me, but all our current users.


There needs to be a way for us to simply select a new report filter (ie. current month) and have the dashboards update accordingly. Or when we repin a dashboard, at least overwrite the existing one rather than create a duplicate.


- Daniel




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