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Dashboard visual colors different in subscription email

I have a dashboard with a custom theme set by a .json file. The dashboard itself looks good, the way I want it to. However, when I receive the snapshot of the dashboard through a subscription email, the colors are different. This makes some of the KPIs hard to read. What's even weirder is that about a week ago, I received the email and the colors were right. It happened for like two days and went back to being wrong.


Any ideas?

Advocate IV
Advocate IV

I am also getting affected by this.


In the past, I was burned by a separate issue where a Report would have certain colors in PBI Desktop and then when I published on online, only on some random days, the report would have different colors.


Now I am experiencing this similar, but even more annoying issue.  First image shows colors of Dashboard in the PBI Service.




Second snapshots shows what the colors look like when users receive an Email Subscription.  Clown shoes.  The colors changes are ridiculous.



Anyone else still experiencing this?  I'm very surprised there are not more people reporting this.


I am using Outlook 2016.  Does this have anything to do with the issue?

Super User
Super User

As far as I am aware this should work

What happens if you had to delete the subscription and wait to get it again?

I know this is not ideal but something to try?

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Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, this did not work. I even tried deleting and re-pinning the visuals which did not work either. What's most frustrating about this issue is the inconsistency of it. As I mentioned, there were some days where the colors were all as expected. My KPI tiles are usually spared from this color screwiness but when it does happen, the fonts are off to the point of making them illegible.


It's a real bummer because I had spent a good amount of time customizing the JSON file to make it what I wanted only to run into this problem. I'm going to just use one of the default dashboard themes until I can confirm this is fixed.

Yeah I agree it should work as expected especially after all the hard work you did to put it together.

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