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Column format in financial matrix breaks in client's browser



I have a financial reporting matrix with values Actual, Budget, Budget Actual Deviation, and Budget Actual Deviation %.

Everything looks good on my computer and in my browser: numerical values are in decimal format with 2 decimals and % column also with 2 decimals.


On client's view, in the service, the values have no decimals and the percentage column is not showing any values.

Seems like their service is cutting down digits. 

What settings should we check?


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Hey there! It looks like the problem with the financial reporting matrix isn't just because of your client's browser or device. Even on their desktop in another country, they're facing the same issue. So, it's not just their settings causing this hiccup. You should consider this check list:


Check if you and your client have different ways of displaying numbers and percentages based on your language and location settings. Sometimes, these things can mess with the formatting.

Take a look at how numbers are typically formatted in your country compared to your client's country. There might be some differences that are causing the trouble.

Make sure the spreadsheet application you're using is compatible with your client's device. Sometimes, different applications handle decimals and percentages in their own funky ways.

Keep an eye out for any data transfer issues when sending the financial reporting matrix to your client. It's possible that something is getting lost or messed up during the transfer process.

Also, check if any software or plugins you're using are playing nicely with your systems. Sometimes, compatibility issues can be a real pain in the neck.

Give these steps a shot, and hopefully, you'll be able to sort out the formatting problem because this is what we do at Triotech Systems. Good luck, and don't hesitate to reach out if you need more help!

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There are no settings for you to configure for this. Things to try:

  1. Have them clear their browser cache and try again
  2. Check for what addins they have installed. A particularly aggressive ad blocker may be causing this.
  3. Try a different browser - Edge will work best as that is the MS browser.
  4. Contact support. They will assist with installing a network sniffer to see what is making it to the brwoser and what isn't.


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Thank you for your reply. The cache thing we already tried, but we can check out the other options. 

By the way, she gets the same view on her desktop. And she lives in another country. Don't know how all these are connected.

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