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New Member

Classic App vs New Audience app

Hi all
The new app in .com is causing me a major headache.
In the 'classic' version, you could publish your desktop report to a given workspace, create dashboards from the report, and provide the recipient with an app where they see the dashboards, but not the report.
In the new version, I publish the report to a workspace, create the dashboards from the report, then add an 'audience' where I grant permission to see the dashboard, but not the report (as it contains loads of other reports I don't want them to see).
When I update the app, I see everything exactly as intended, but when the user goes to the app, they don't see anything apart from the 'you don't have permissions' error.
So, the new version, whilst clearly easier in terms of potentially not having to create multiple workspaces, is now not providing the same core functionality as the old app.
If someone can unlock/expand/help me get to where I need to be with this, I'd be hugely grateful, thanks.
New Member

Hi Colin, thanks for the reponse.

I think I tick those boxes:



When I view the users' app, it works perfectly (the sales report isn't visible):


When they go to their app, they get a 'you don't have permission to view this report'.  

If I toggle the eye back to visible, they can see their dashboard content, but can also see the report.

In the 'classic' app I am able to hide the report and they can see their dashboard content.

Any help or advice you can provide would be hugely appreciated, thanks.







Hey @IanMcNamara ,


Does that user that is trying to see the report have a PRO license?

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@collinq Hi Collin, yes, Pro licences all around.....  puzzling this one, isn't it?  

Hey @IanMcNamara ,


That is interesting.  It appears that the settings are correct but just not working right.  I think it is time to create a support ticket.  Go here:  Support | Microsoft Power BI and scroll down to "create a support ticket".  Please let us know the result.

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Super User
Super User

Hi @IanMcNamara ,


There are a couple more options in the new experience and that might be part of the issue. 


The very first option is that you select the "content" that is available at all in this particular app.




When you select your audience, you set permissions for everybody or just the folks to see what you want them to see (on the right hand side). 



BUT, you also can select whether each audience sees any given report/dashboard.  That is the little eye symbol.



SO, for a user without permissions, I would go through these steps:

1. Is the content in the app?

2. Is the content available (the little eyeball)?

3. Is the user listed specifically in an Audience or are they in the group if I selected a group?


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Hi @collinq - thanks for your help.  I have spoken with MicroSoft support who seem to think this is a limitation with the build, which is hugely frustrating.  I'm hoping someone will find a way around it, or MicroSoft will do something to solve the issue they have created.  I'll let you know of any progress, but in the meanwhile, really appreciate your help, thanks.

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