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Categorical Trend chart not showing tooltip for all the categories In Power BI Service

Hi Team,


I have build the trend chart using weeks and values In Power BI Service. In X axis we have Weeks and Y axis I have added values and legend added category. I have choose chart as Categorical. but the problem is if there are not values of any category for any of week I am not getting the tooltip for that specific week which doesn't have values for all the categories.


Please help me to fix the issue.




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Hi, @venkaiah881 


The issue you're experiencing is likely related to the data structure or settings within your Power BI Service. You might be unable to see the tooltip for a certain category because there are no values for that category in a particular week.

Here are a few steps to address the problem:

  1. Check your data structure: Make sure your dataset includes entries for all categories, even if the value is zero or null for a given week. Power BI tooltips generally don't display for categories that are not present in the data for a particular period.

  2. Use a different visualization: Some visualizations may handle empty values better than others. For example, if you're using a line chart, consider using a stacked column chart or an area chart instead. These visualizations are often better at representing the presence of all categories, even if some have zero or null values.

  3. Add Zero or Null Values to your dataset: Power BI does not display a tooltip if there is no data for the selected category and time period. If you have control over your data source, consider adding rows for each category for every week, even if the value is zero or null. This way, Power BI will recognize the presence of the category and should display a tooltip.

  4. Adjust Tooltip Settings: Make sure the tooltip settings in your visualization are set up correctly. You should have a field that represents your category in the tooltip fields section of the visualization settings. Check that it is properly set up.


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Thanks for your response. As I mentioned it was working in the desktop and when it goes to service it is not showing since there is one category doesn't have values for that specific week. I don't we can prepare the data for all the weeks becuase there are changes that few categories doen't have any or perform any activity for that specifi weeks and also we can't add blank records for each category by showing 0 which doesn't look good and not expected from data team or client to prepare the data like that. I have checked all the tooltip funtionalities and everything is as expected. 


The only thing I am not understandingis why it is not wokring in service since it is working in desktop.




Thank you for your reply, and I understand the constraints you're working with. You're right, the behavior should be consistent between Power BI Desktop and Power BI Service.

There could be a few reasons why the tooltips are behaving differently between the Desktop and Service. Here are a few possible troubleshooting steps:

  1. Ensure Data Refresh: Make sure the data in Power BI Service is up-to-date. Power BI Desktop works directly with your local data while Power BI Service relies on data refresh schedules. If the data isn't updated, you might see inconsistencies.

  2. Check Browser Issues: Power BI Service is browser-based. So, there could be issues related to the browser, including browser compatibility issues or JavaScript blocking settings that might affect how Power BI Service displays tooltips. Try opening your report in a different browser or an incognito/private window to rule out browser-specific problems.

  3. Visual Rendering Differences: Sometimes, there could be differences in how Power BI Desktop and Power BI Service render visuals, which could potentially impact how tooltips work. You might want to try re-creating the visual in Power BI Service to see if it resolves the issue.

  4. Check for Updates: Make sure both Power BI Desktop and Power BI Service are updated to the latest version. There might be a bug in an older version that's been fixed in a newer release.

  5. Report to Microsoft: If all else fails, this might be a bug in Power BI Service. Microsoft maintains a community where users can report issues. If you think this might be a bug, you can report it to Microsoft through the Power BI Community ( Provide as much detail as you can, and they might be able to address the issue in a future update.

I hope one of these suggestions helps you resolve the issue!



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