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Calculation Groups affect the performance of measures in Excel



I'm using SSAS Tabular on SQL Server 2019, compatibility level 1500 and Excel 2019. When connecting to Tabular Model in Excel, I create a pivot table, that shows Sales by Invoices. Now, I need to add one more field to that table - the name of the goods. And this is where appears the problem - the field isn't loading into the pivot table, I just can't add it there. When trying to recreate the same table in Power BI Desktop everything works perfectly. 
After some investigation I found out that the problem is in calculation groups that are a part of the tabular model. When I remove them from the model completely, the pivot table works in Excel without any problem and the field loads within the several seconds. Calculation Groups are very simple and don't contain any of the fields I use in my pivot table. I found out, that the fix could be the installation of the cumulative upgrade for SQL server, but that didn't work. All Excel upgrades are also installed. Where could be the problem?


Thank you in advance


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