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Resolver I
Resolver I

Build Permissions seem to be not sufficient


I granted build permissions for a dataset / semantic model) to some users. If I give them a PBI Desktop file that has got a live connection to the dataset in it, they can use it. 
But they can't create a connection by their own. Get Data / Power BI Datasets is empty unless I provide much more permissions like modify the dataset.

Same with Excel. They can use an Excel sheet with pivot table connection that I provide but can't see any dataset when they use "Pivot Table from Power BI".

I don't find the exact explanations in the documentation. Can someone exlain or point me to the relevant documentation or a blog post?

Thanks & Regards

Resolver I
Resolver I

It is a Premium workspace. Should that be a difference regarding the permissions?
Regarding "the app": There is no app. 

Maybe I should ask my question clearer: which permissions are necessary so that a user can see a dataset in PBI Desktop / get data / Power BI Datasets?
... only lists build permission which seem to be not sufficient.

The way it is supposed to work is that you publish the app, give your users read and build access to the app, then they (one time) register the app and can use the XMLA endpoints.


You can technically do all this via the workspace but that is not a recommended approach when you are on Premium.

Thank you, but apps and xmla endpoint are not the things I'm asking about here.
This document describes what I want to do
It just doesn't work like this in our capacity, so probably I should raise a support case.

give it at least a try.  In our experience that is how it works.  Once they register the app they can select the semantic model in their Power BI Desktop.

Super User
Super User

Please provide more details. Is this a Premium workspace?  Did you share the app? Did they install the app?

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