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AzureBlobs failed to get the response: The remote name could not be resolved

I have a blob storage on Azure used by dataflows in power BI service for about 2 years.

It is configured with Public Network Access (Enabled from all networks) without gateway.


There is a recent problem when I try to edit (or create new) dataflows, I get an error:

An exception occurred: DataSource.Error: AzureBlobs failed to get the response: 'The remote name could not be resolved: '''. (Session ID: f40f37b0-0e1a-4659-81ff-e78580a7a8bf, Region: europe)


This error only exists when editing a dataflow.

In Manage Connections & Gateways => the connection is online

When I refresh dataflows using this connections => data are retrieved by the dataflow successfully (it means I can use the existing dataflows but not do any modification)

When I check public DNS resolution => it resolves to one of Azure Multi tenant storage 


Can someone help ?

Advocate V
Advocate V

@v-zhengdxu-msft, I also just started experiencing this issue with accessing Azure Blob from dataflows. This applies to both existing and new dataflows (including Gen 2 in Fabric). The storage account here is Public, and the network settings on the storage account haven't changed. Error is as follows:


An exception occurred: DataSource.Error: AzureBlobs failed to get the response: 'The remote name could not be resolved

Frequent Visitor

Same problem, identified on the same day. Yet to be resolved. Guidance would be much appreciated.


Please note that the bug happens when I edit a dataflow in PBI Service - not when I connect to the blob storage directly from PBI Desktop.

@Emilien we are still experiencing the problem and have not gotten much support on this issue yet. What is the status on your side, any progress?

@ramondy , Today I got an answer from MSFT support that it is working as designed (power Bi would not be able to connect to a storage public endpoint when in parallel this storage has private endpoints). I am challenging that answer, highlighting this has worked for 2 years with this setup and asking for the release note where they announced the change of behaviour.

New Member

Hello we've been encountering the same issue from PowerBI.

We did not change anything to the given storage account (we've checked activity logs).


We start to have this problem exactlty the same day and only via PowerBi interface.

Where could we signal this to be taken into account?

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Emilien 


Based on the details you've provided, it seems like the problem is isolated to editing or creating new dataflows, while existing dataflows can still refresh data successfully. This indicates that the connection to your Azure Blob Storage is generally functional, but there might be specific issues related to DNS resolution or connectivity when the Power BI service attempts to access the storage for modifications.

Given the error message "The remote name could not be resolved," it suggests a DNS resolution issue where the Power BI service is unable to resolve the Azure Blob Storage URL. This could be due to temporary DNS resolution issues or changes in the network configuration that affect how names are resolved.
Ensure that the DNS settings are correctly configured to resolve the Azure Blob Storage URL. You might want to check if there have been any changes in your DNS configuration or network that could affect the resolution of the storage URL.

Set up your Azure Blob Storage connection - Microsoft Fabric | Microsoft Learn
Review the configuration of your Azure Blob Storage to ensure that there are no changes that might affect connectivity. Specifically, check the networking settings to ensure that public access is still enabled and there are no IP restrictions that might block access from the Power BI service.


Best Regards

Zhengdong Xu
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