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Helper III
Helper III

Azure Service Tags

Good Morning, 


We have a SQL Database Hosted on a Azure VM and have enabled (one at a time) the below service tags on ports 1433,5558 but i still get the error of the server not being accessible. 


PowerBi Service Tag, Powerqueryonline Service Tag and the AzureCloud UKsouth and EuropeNorth Service Tags.


Does anyone know what service tag needs to be used to use the PowerBi Service to build a Dataflow 


Thank you 

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @sovereignauto 


You can try the following methods:


  • Ensure that the Network Security Group (NSG) associated with the Azure VM allows inbound traffic for the Power BI service over the required port (the default SQL port is 1433). Check to see if any Deny rules may be overriding Allow rules.


  • If you are using an Azure SQL database, make sure you have added the necessary firewall rules to allow connections from Power BI. You can add the Power BI service IP to the Azure SQL database firewall settings.


  • If you are still facing problems, please provide any specific error messages you are receiving. This will help diagnose the problem more accurately.


For more information on Azure Service Tags, you can read related document link: Azure service tags overview | Microsoft Learn


About setting up Azure SQL database firewall rules, you can read related document link:  IP firewall rules - Azure SQL Database and Azure Synapse Analytics | Microsoft Learn


Best Regards,

Community Support Team _Yuliax



Thank you for this.


It is a SQL hosted on a Azure VM not a azure SQL.


To add the powerbi serivce to the security group do you know what tag is needed to be added? 

We had already added these on the network page of the VM. 


PowerBi Service Tag, Powerqueryonline Service Tag and the AzureCloud UKsouth and EuropeNorth Service Tags.


Is that the correct tags and correct place? 

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