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Azure AD Guest Account Access Error in Power BI – Seeking Insights

Hello Power BI Community - We are experiencing a specific issue with Azure AD guest account access in Power BI and would appreciate any insights or suggestions from this community.


Issue Summary:

We have established a workflow for Azure B2B guest invitations and Power BI access, which works flawlessly for non-Azure AD guest users. However, Azure AD guest users face a persistent error.



  1. Azure B2B Guest Invitation Generation: We generate an Azure B2B guest invitation.
  2. License Inheritance: The guest Azure user is added to a group where they inherit Power BI Premium Per User License.
  3. Group Association: The guest Azure AD user is then added to groups associated with specific Power BI report application audiences.
  4. Custom Email Communication: A custom email with the Azure B2B guest invitation and a link to the Power BI report app is sent to the user.
  5. Intended Behavior: The user accepts the invite and should be able to access the Power BI report app, viewing content associated with their assigned audience.
  6. Actual Behavior: While the workflow operates correctly for non-Azure AD guest users, Azure AD guest users encounter the error "We couldn't find the page you were looking for."

Additional Details:

  • The error message is encountered even when the user has direct access to the workspace and specific reports.
  • MFA considerations have been ruled out, as the issue persists with both multi-factor and single-factor authentication.
  • We have all relevant B2B permissions enabled 

Seeking Community Insights:

We've been in extensive discussions with Microsoft support and provided all necessary logs and information. As we await a resolution from their end, we're turning to this community for potential solutions or shared experiences.


Has anyone here encountered a similar issue with Azure AD guest users in Power BI? If so, how was it addressed? Any insights or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



Rianne (on behalf of the Proactive Technology Management team)


image (12).png

image (13).png

image (14).png


Super User
Super User

Hey @PTMRianne ,


I do not understand what this means
" ... which works flawlessly for non-Azure AD guest users. However, Azure AD guest users face a persistent error ... "
What works flawless, and what does not?

What do you want to access the b2b guest users?

  • The report item
  • The workspace that contains the report in question
  • The Power BI App that contains the report

Please provide screenshots from the Admin portal that proofs your statement "... relevant B2B permissions enabled ...".

If the b2b guest users are intended to access the workspace, what is the workspace role these usres are assigned to?




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Hi Tom, thanks for your response. 


1. Regarding the "non-Azure AD guest users", when a guest user is invited with a gmail for example, or any email that is not already linked to a microsoft account, they can access as intended through the link that they are sent when inviting. 


2. We want all users who are invited to access the Power BI App that contains the report.


3. Please see screenshot:

2023-12-01 07_44_57-Power BI.png


4. The user roles granted are the same when inviting all guest external users:

  • the 'gmail' guests (the non azureAD users) have the same user role as the guest AzureAD user, but only the later receives an error. 

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