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Resolver II
Resolver II

Auto Refresh Dashboards and Reports

I was looking for a solution to my previous topic "Power BI x Android TV Auto Refresh" when I realized that we don't have auto refresh data on PC browsers too. What I mean is that when I update the dataset by publishing the report again, the report which is opened in Chrome or Firefox stays the same. 

I have found a solution to this problem by adding extension to chrome which forces the page to reload at rates which I can define which Is very handy but that way I lose the full screen functionality. 


Probably the issue is that the site is not forcing restart when an update in the data occurs. 
It would be very nice if this happens soon.

Advocate I
Advocate I



Have you tried adding ?chromeless=true to the end of your report's URL string? Should look like this:




Once you get it to display in chromeless mode you can put the browser in full-screen mode (Press F11 Key).

Yes, I know I can put the browser in full screen mode, but the issue is that I can't put the Power BI app in full screen mode. So everytime the page is refreshed Power BI full screen mode is turned off but the Chrome full screen remains. It's not that bad but we still don't get a nice clean report page and have some black bars with info at the top and the sides of the page. 

By the way I've spent my whole afternoon on checking if the Power BI website with my report or dashboard open on it is auto refreshing when a scheduled refresh occurs and the answer is NO. I have tried this on report, on dashboard with pinned live page and on dashboard with only one visual and nothing happend for several scheduled refreshes.


So if we want to display information which is being updated we have to force the browser to do it and lose the Power BI full screen mode. 

Adding ?chromeless=true to the end of your report or dashboard's URL will force the Power BI app to display in full screen mode.



Oh, sorry! And thank you very much. That solved it. 

You're welcome! Glad that worked for you. 

What you gave me solves one part ot the problem.


Lets try to find a solution to the general problem:

Why is that my dashboard, reports and live pages don't get updated when a scheduled refresh occurs?


I had 2 screens with the dashboards open on two different browser waiting to see if there's going to be a change in the numbers after the scheduled refreshed but for about 4 refreshes nothing happened. 


I'm trying to accomplish a similar thing. I have several chromeboxes displaying dashboards on TV's throughout our building. I'm using the Super Auto Refresh extension to refresh the page every 5 minutes, but as far as I can tell the only way to get it to refresh properly is to use the "Refresh Dashboard Tiles" menu option or clicking through to the report. Refreshing the page alone does not seem to update the dashboard tiles.


After reading some articles it seems to me like Dashboards weren't really meant to be used for this type of "live" digital signage application. I believe that's why they allow developers to embed dashboards and tiles into applications. Problem is, I'm not a developer and this seems like an obvious use case for regular dashboards.


See more here:

@Birdjo - were you able to find a solution or a good workaround? I'm running into the same issue...doesn't seem like showing the taskbar and page tab is ideal when trying to present your dashboard in your office...

Victor Rocca |

Yes, we use chromeboxes and Rise App to display our PBI reports.

Frequent Visitor

Hi, I'm having issues with Rise giving an error message:

"The owner of the Web Page at the URL provided does not allow the page to be embedded within an iFrame. If possible, please contact the Web Page owner to discuss x-frame options."


I've been trying to add the report or dashboard as a Web Page Widget. Can you advise how you are adding the URL?

Hello olipip,


Probably you're putting the report link which requires authorization.

Just publish the report the get a public link and then put it in Rise.


Kind regards

I'm trying the same, but when the web page it's refreshed (I'm using a Chrome extension and the ?chromeless=true) I loose the auto adjust of the dashboard.


Did you solve it?


Can give me more details of your solution?




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