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Helper II
Helper II

Are embedded ArcGIS maps STILL not displayed in dashboards that are published to Web in BI Pro?

Hi All,


Urgently seeking clarity on this issue. I have seen posts going back to 2016 asking about this and responses saying it is coming soon but its 2018 now so is this functionality fixed and if so is there any special configuration involved other than activating display in options and accepting conditions in security? Currently it is not working for me in a dashboard I have published to web.


I have seen mention of creating an EsRi plus account but information is fragmented not sure if that is an issue or whether a limited licence is included in Power BI Pro?


Wouldn't it be a great idea to pull everything on use of ArcGIS maps into a single document or tutorial that covers these issues rather than just using ArgGIS maps in the desktop?


Anyway any authorative help greatly appreciated



New Member

It's 2024, and my PBI Pro-produced Power BI report still won't display the ESRI maps on my website. I can only see ESRI's claim that "This map does not meet the requirements for published reports." Has anybody ever managed to embed a PBI Pro-produced report in a website? Asking because both ESRI and MS claim that this should be possible! 

Regular Visitor

Hi - Does anyone know the status of getting the ability to use ArcGIS maps in an embedded setting?  

Regular Visitor

Any update?

Oh look there's a tumbleweed!

Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

Hi @hobe1,

After test, it's still unsupported as follows.


Please review the following ideas and vote them.

ArcGIS Limitations - Power BI Embedded

ArcGIS(Publish to Web)

support for ArcGIS embedded visual
ArcGis - Embed / Public Share

Best Regards,

Hi Angelia,


Thanks for the update. I have replied to the posts that you indicated but frankly I am very surprised that after close to 2-years of this issue being raised there is a need to justify development but there you go, I have added my voice to the others. Do you ever get replies from Developers to confirm if development is going ahead, target release dates or if declined why not? I would also add that it should in future be a development principle that ANY visual that is developed for use in Power BI should be usable and visible in both the desktop and web environments which makes perfect sense when you think about it

Hi @hobe1,

If the idea is declined, it will change the status and list the reason. The project team will consider it if more people needs it. Thanks for your understanding.

Best Regards,

Hi Angelia,

Thanks for the reply. Given that this question has been on the forums for over a year are you able to give some sort of target date for a decision one way or the other to be publicised?


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