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App is causing single select slicer to become multi select + Clear Selection on all slicers



When I publish a report as report single select slicer remains a single select slicer.

However when integrating the same report in an APP it changed to multi select.


Also all slicers in the APP have a small icon allowing to clear all selections. Not when I publish the report as is.

This potentially causes an issue since when nothing select on specific slicers it errors out (Exceeds .....)

Which should not be possible on a single select slicer.


Does anyone else faces similar issues.


Thanks in advance



Frequent Visitor

I know the work arounds, but to me that doesn't make sense. It should work the same, no matter published as report or the same report in an APP.

Frequent Visitor

Hi Ibendin,


Thanks, we updated the APP, seems that only synced slicers are changed from single select to multi select. Other single select  slicers are ok. 


The small icon which appears on all slicers to clear selection is only there in the APP. not on the report istself.


We will be testing this on other workspaces to see how it behaves. But to me seems a bug.



Instead of slicers (especially synced slicers) consider using the filter pane, "filters on all pages"

Super User
Super User

Assuming this is on a Premium capacity workspace. Once you made structural changes to the report and uploaded it to the workspace you must also update the app so that these meta data changes are propageated through.  For good measure hit F5 on the browser.

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