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Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

Announcement - Scheduled maintenance for Power BI from (11/3 – 11/5) and (11/10 – 11/12)

Hi all,


We are planning some maintenance to Power BI over this weekend (11/3 – 11/5) and next weekend (11/10 – 11/12).


What is this maintenance about? 

We are making some improvements to way Power BI calculates permissions for datasets and reports. These changes are needed for some of our upcoming features like selective publish for apps, automatically installing apps for end users and external sharing using AAD B2B. 


What is the impact of this maintenance? 

During a short period in the maintenance window (less than 60 minutes), users might get errors when they try to create or distribute content. This includes creation of dashboards/reports/workbooks/datasets/content packs/apps, sharing dashboards and installing content packs/apps. We are trying to complete this maintenance in the off-business hours of each region to minimize disruption due to these errors.


We have already notified customers about this maintenance through the O365 admin portal. We have also posted communications in the Power BI support page.


Is there any functional impact for end users? 

A few days after the update, users will be able to directly manage and control access on reports and datasets as well (Before the update users can only indirectly manage and control access to datasets and reports through dashboards). 

Senior Program Manager,
Power BI, Microsoft.
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Receiving error trying to log into
This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.
Checking the connection
Checking the proxy and the firewall
Running Windows Network Diagnostics
Check your internet connection.

Helper II
Helper II

We are unable to reach the login page for the PBI service (as of about 10 minutes ago).  


Something went wrong. 
Please try again later.
An unknown error occurred. If you continue to see this error, please provide the following information when requesting support.
Date and Time: 2017-11-06 20:03:35Z
ActivityId: c797a3c2-a21a-4759-9b9d-12cbc9030de0


Not applicable

Getting an error now when trying to log-in:



Something went wrong. 
Please try again later.
An unknown error occurred. If you continue to see this error, please provide the following information when requesting support.
Date and Time: 2017-11-06 20:10:59Z
ActivityId: b5af5d6c-91f2-4709-ac29-62e2aac50474
Advocate I
Advocate I

We get the same error since November 3.


Report refresh is failing with the message: Error Code = 0xC1000012, External Code = 0x00000000, Note:


All other reports scheduled reports refresh as usual, and also manual refresh of the report works. What is happening?

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....It kind of got lost in the outtage mayhem, but any of you, who like me, had problems with refreshes not working since the 3rd, and not getting a proper error message, it could be down to broken calculated columns in your pbix. Please see spiderrobs solution over at    This solved the problem for me 🙂

Thanks for pointing out. This also solved the problem for me.

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Just to close the loop on this...


==> 11/6 RCA - Network Infrastructure - North Central US
==> Summary of impact: Between 19:33 UTC and 21:07 UTC on 6 Nov 2017, a subset of customers in North Central US experienced degraded performance, network drops, or timeouts when accessing Azure resources hosted in this region.
A subset of customers based in the region may have experienced issues accessing non-regional resources, such as Azure Active Directory and the Azure portal.
In addition, a subset of customers using App Service / Web Apps in South Central US would have experienced similar issues due to a bug discovered in how Web Apps infrastructure components utilize North Central US resources for geo-redundancy purposes.
During a planned capacity addition maintenance window to the North Central US region, a tag was introduced to aggregate routes for a subset of the North Central region.
This tagging caused affected prefixes to be withdrawn from regions outside of North Central US.
Automated alerting detected the drop in availability and engineering teams correlated the issue with the capacity addition maintenance, however automated rollback did not mitigate the issue.
The rollback steps were manually validated which fixed the route advertisement and restored the connectivity between the North Central US facilities.
==> Root cause and mitigation: A capacity augmentation workflow in a datacenter in the North Central US region contained an error that resulted in too many routing announcements being assigned a Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) community tag that should have only been used for routes that stay within the North Central US region.
When aggregate IP prefixes intended for distribution to the Microsoft core network were incorrectly tagged for local distribution only, it interrupted communication between this datacenter and all our other Azure regions.
The addition of new capacity to a region has been the cause of incidents in the past, so both automated systems and manual checks are used to verify that there is no impact.
The tool used in this turn up did attempt to rollback, but due to a second error the rollback workflow also applied the incorrectly tagged prefix policy such that the rollback did not resolve the problem.
Because rollback did not resolve the incident, engineers working to resolve the incident lost time looking for other potential causes before determining the true root cause and fully rolling back the capacity addition work.
This increased the time required to mitigate the issues.
==> Workaround: During this incident, customers' applications with geo-redundancy would have allowed the application to continue without impact or would have minimized the impact.
For further information, please visit for best practices for cloud applications and design patterns.
==> Next steps: We sincerely apologize for the impact to the affected customers.
We are continuously taking steps to improve the Microsoft Azure platform and our processes to help ensure that such incidents do not occur in the future, and in this case it includes (but is not limited to):
==> 1. Any scheduled work changing routing policy to be modeled in CrystalNet - . [In progress]
==> 2. Update verification steps for routing policy changes to include checks from other regions. [In progress]
==> 3. Isolate the dependency upon the geo-redundant Web Apps resources such that they cannot impact the health of the primary resources. [In progress]



I have just seen this and it might be related to my ticket.


Myself and my powerBI users are experiencing problems when trying to access reports in I have raised a ticket at url:


Could you suggest how i proceed (15:10 GMT UK)



I am experiencing exactly the same error. All the reports in the organization are unavailable.

Im not sure how can I see the error in calculated column?
Our dashboards sometime successfully refreshed, and the other times they failed.
E.g today, it could refresh very well.

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Thank you @Anonymous for pointing that out.  A consultant buddy of mine who doesn't freqeuent this forum just benefited from that thread.

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I have several reports which are now failing scheduled refresh since the 3rd November, but can be manually refreshed. No reason is given - just. message = There was an error when processing the data in the dataset. Error Code = 0xC1000012, External Code = 0x00000000, Note: 
Previously these reports ran fine for many months. Could this be down to these service updates/maintenance?

Frequent Visitor


Form Nov3 to now, my dashboards have been continuously failed to refresh. Is it also an impact of this maintenance?
I could download the pbix file, refresh it in my computer, but whenver I uploaded it, it took forever and then turned to be "timeout"?

Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

Thanks for this information.

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