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Resolver I
Resolver I

A problem with the new dynamic date slicer


I was very excited about the new dynamic options in the date slicer(last X days, etc.), and it works perfectly in the desktop.

However, once published, there is not option to go back to a slider. The little menu simply doesn't show up. There's just the eraser icon and that's it.

Has anyone seen this issue? Any workarounds you may be aware of?

Thanks !

Frequent Visitor

Just published a report and noticed this "problem". I also assumed this would be something that the user can change. Shame if they can't Smiley Sad

Memorable Member
Memorable Member

I tried doing the same but not able to repro this issue.
After publishing if you edit the report online, you do get the option to switch to slider mode by choosing "between" option.

Also, note that once you change it to that or any other slicer mode, you cannot go back to "Relative" mode or as you say "Last X Days" mode in Power BI online.

Thanks @prateekraina. What you have described is exactly reproducing the issue.

I want the users to be able to toggle between relative dates and specific dates. It doesn't work. And that's a problem.


Got your point @zivhimmel

Well as far as i know, Power BI never gave this flexibility.
Even if you publish slicer with "list" of values, users cannot change it either unless they have access to edit the report. So i guess this needs to added as an extended feature of Slicers so that users can toggle as per their requirement.

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