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2 Reports 1 Dataset in the same workspace - publishing report creates a NEW dataset

Hi All,

I'm struggling with this current situation :

- In the same workspace, I have a Dataset "DatasetName" and a Report "ReporName" connected to it. I had to create a second Report "ReporName-Bis" that's also using that one Dataset. 
The issue :

- When publishing/uploading the Report "ReporName-Bis"  into the same workspace, it creates a new Dataset "DatasetName-Bis" , that's pretty redundant since it has the same data/entities as the original dataset.

How can I link the second report to the original dataset and remove the "DatasetName-Bis" one ?
Any Tip is highly welcome 🙂




Super User
Super User

ok that works as designed.
now create a copy of your "ReportName", since both datasets has same data and rename the copy.

Not your goal you wanted achieve?

Thank you.

There is a little issue, both reports have the same underlying data, but different pages.. Creating a copy of the "ReportName", and renaming it to "ReportName-Bis",, isnt enough.. I need to readjust the pages everytime on Service.. How do I proceed since publishing the changes from Desktop creates a new dataset  "DatasetName-Bis" 😞 Am I missing something ?

Super User
Super User

Why it is necessary to produce an additional dataset and delete them after creating the report.
Try this approach: Just make a copy of your first Report "ReportName" --> click on ... (the famous 3 dots) right to your existing report.
Since it has the "DatasetName" as Source your new Report "ReportName-Bis" will have the same conncetion to the dataset "DatsetName".
I do the same approach in some cases.

Hope I catched it right.


Hi @sergej_og , thank you for taking the time to look at my issue.

Deleting the secondly created dataset "DatasetName-Bis" also deleted the "ReportName-Bis" 😞

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