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"Lock" Fields in Place

This may not be the right forum - please correct me if I am wrong. 


We are rebuilidng our outdated Crystal Reports in PowerBi Report Builder and I am expericing an issue. Is there a way to "lock" (thats the best way I can think of to describe this) fields in place so that they do not move depending on the size of the rest of the report? 


For example, I have a subreport in the middle of the page that can grow with the amount of text in it or if there is none at all. This then moves the rest of the fields (not in the subreport) up or down the page when viewed or printed. I need these fields to not move and the properties "Can Shrink" and "CanGrow" did not do what I had hoped. 


Any ideas? I am sure I am just missing a property somewhere

Super User
Super User

The subreport control does not have CanShrink or CanGrow properties. What you probably need to do is to size the SubReport control to the same size as your subreport, then constrain the subreport so that it does not grow bigger than the size you want.

unfortunetly, changing the can grow/can shrink properties wihtin the subreport cuts off wording thats needed in the subreport 


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