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Which are these reports can be published to Power BI Report Server?

We have three Power BI Desktop projects named PBIR1.pbix, PBIR2.pbix, and
PBIR3.pbix those have the following characteristics:


• PBIR1.pbix contains a custom visualization.
• PBIR2.pbix implements row-level security.
• PBIR3.pbix connects to a Microsoft SQL Server database by using DirectQuery.


Which reports support Publish to Web, and which reports can be published to Power BI
Report Server?


I know the limitation of Publish to Web:

 So only PBIR1.pbix cab be Publish to Web

But not sure about which reports can be published to Power BI
Report Server? My guess is PBIR1.pbix and PBIR2.pbix


Correct me If Wrong. Also provide any link

Custom visuals

Custom visuals are supported in Publish to web. When you use Publish to web, users with whom you share your published visual do not need to enable custom visuals to view the report.


Publish to web is supported for the vast majority of data sources and reports in the Power BI service, however, the following are not currently supported or available with Publish to web:

  • Reports using row level security.
  • Reports using any Live Connection data source, including Analysis Services Tabular hosted on-premises, Analysis Services Multidimensional, and Azure Analysis Services.
  • Reports shared to you directly or through an organizational content pack.
  • Reports in a group in which you are not an edit member.
  • "R" Visuals are not currently supported in Publish to web reports.
  • Exporting Data from visuals in a report, which has been published to the web
  • ArcGIS Maps for Power BI visuals
  • Reports containing report-level DAX measures
  • Single sign-on data query models
  • Secure confidential or proprietary information
  • The automatic authentication capability provided with the Embed option doesn't work with the Power BI JavaScript API. For the Power BI JavaScript API, use the user owns data approach to embedding. Learn more about user owns data.

All three should be uploadable.

Here's a list of supported data sources :

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