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Advocate I
Advocate I

URL filters not working after PBIRS Jan 2021 update


Url filters are not working after PBIRS 2021 jan update. Now returns a blank screen , the reports works removing the ?filter expression.

Any workaround?



This has been fixed in an update for Power BI Report Server (Jan 2021)


    - *Version: 1.10.7737.32652 (Build 15.0.1105.230), Released: March 12, 2021*
        - Bug fixes
            - Fixed issue with URL filters causing PBIX reports to not load.

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Thanks for the update, but yes, this did dash my hopes :(. 


When you say this will be fixed in the next release do you mean like May Release or a potential updated build in between? 


Hi we have a fix for this issue but unfortuately now there a few other outstanding bugs that we would want to include in any sort of update as well. Not quite sure of timing but it will be fixed in future updates to PBIRS.

@Petebro Noticed that there is a new build of ReportServer posted today. Does it fix this issue by any chance? 



oh, @Petebro  I planned production rollout of January 21, 2021 version for this weekend. Because I expected no new build soon.

Please is there new build ongoing or it is some typo?

No new build, as I said below it is the same version with just some metadata updates on the download page.

Hi @Petebro ,

good luck, we have January release (of October release) and have later January relese of January release, which is labeled as February release 😉


Another question. I still waiting to some reposnse to another issue: 

Please is possible confirm if this issue is tracked by MS?

Regular Visitor

we have the same problem , 


I was able to reproduce the blank screen myself and have filed a bug for investigation. Thanks for reporting it and I'll let you know an ETA if I am able to.

I'm using URL filters in one of my products where Power BI plays an important role.


Hope this gets fixed in the very near future ... via a hot fix and not in 3-4 months!


Is there some news on this issue?



Hi Petebro,

Is it possible to obtain a FIX?
Two customers have the same issue and are very disapointed.


It's nice to see we are not the only ones, @Petebro  looks like it has been a month, any update on this in the near future?

Hi @Petebro ,

is know an ETA for this issue?


Having same issue, after upgrading to Jan 2021, after adding a "?filter" expression to the url, the report returns a blank screen....has this already been reported as a bug?

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