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TRUE/FALSE Filtering was changed to 0 and -1 after uploading to Power BI Report Server

Hey All,

I have encountered something quite interesting that I cannot seem to find an explanation for. I created a simple formula that returned TRUE/FALSE depending on whether or not someone met requirements to test out of a course. I set the filters to TRUE to include only people that meet those requirements. I can then use that bar chart to filter other visuals based on test outs.


The dashboard was then published to a Power BI report server. When viewing these visuals I noticed they are returning (BLANK). When I then opened the dashboard from the report server web service, the dashboard was working correctly, everything was there. Didn't make a lot of sense considering I opened it from the same source.


I then checked the filters on the visuals and I found that the filter options of TRUE/FALSE have been replaced with 0 and -1, with -1 replacing TRUE. Does anyone know why this happened? If I open it in Power BI desktop and change the formulas to return 0 and -1 will that stay the same on the web service or will it just switch to something else?


Any insight would be appreciated.

Super User
Super User

@Anonymous this is a strange one that I haven't seen personally, but if you search the web it is an ongoing issue with True/False fields. If you could change the simple formula to use 0, 1 or 0, -1 or even "x" and "y" so that it's either numeric or text, this should fix the problem. True/false is a very unique data type, only allows 2 values, and is often coded many ways, so with regular service updates it might cause this replacement. I can't guarantee, but changine to 0, 1 or 0, -1 should work more reliably.

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