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Subscription to report disappears after republishing

I have a report set up, with a refresh scheduled every morning at 6am. I also set up a subscription, and it was working fine until I republished the report from PowerBI Desktop (because I made some changes to the visuals). When I published I selected to replace the dataset (not sure if this had anything to do with my problem), and when I checked the dataset, the schedule was still there. Is it expected behavior for a subscription to be deleted when the report is republished? I read something about needing to resubscribe if the page name changed, but I didn't change anything about the file name, page name, etc. This seems like a bug - luckily there are only 4 people subscribed, but what if there are 100? I can see the need to republish occassionally since I get frequent requests to modify reports.

Post Patron
Post Patron

@Anonymous  any updates/solution?




Advocate II
Advocate II

Same here. it started last week. there is an issue out there created. Please add your vote.

Advocate I
Advocate I

I have had the same problem since yesterday.  I am on a pro license with our enterprise.  I have a subscription report that has about 15 users and I have to republish occasionally as revisions have to be made to the report.  Starting yesterday, when I republish the report , the subscription just goes away and I have to set it up again.  i thought this was just a fluke yesterday but I have been able to recreate the issue twice today.  This is totally unacceptable for a product that we use as much as Power BI. 


I really need your assistance ASAP. 





Regular Visitor

I have the same issue, Any solution?

Helper II
Helper II

Yeah - This i s a real downer....  Any solutions out there Microsoft?

Having the same issue. Any update?
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I think this may have been fixed, but I have to test.

Please, let us Know.

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