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Helper IV
Helper IV

Shared dataset in Power BI Pro among many reports



I have an issue that'd like to expose here since I am still a novice with power bi pro.


I have a .pbix with 30 pages related to many functions (sales, logistics, customer service, procurement). I developed all these pages under one .pbix since they all share common data and won't be feasible to edit each data source on its own.


Now I finished developing the complete file and want to share it online on Power BI Pro, so what I did so far is as follow:

- Upload my power bi file

- Set up my on premise gateway on a local pc to connect to my SQL Server database remotely (connexion worked am able to refresh data)

- Tested my file


Now the issue is that I want each department to have its own report, so I have to split up my pbix file into 4 pbix files, which mean 4 data sources. However, on PBI Pro, I want to connect those 4 report files to a single dataset and not each one has it own dataset. The issue is about data refresh since it takes about 20 minutes for one dataset, so you can imagine how much time it'll take to refresh 4 datasets that are similar


Hence, how to connect 4 reports to the similar dataset in power bi pro? 



Super User
Super User

To connect multiple reports to a single dataset in Power BI Pro, you can use Power BI Workspaces. Workspaces allow you to share a single dataset among multiple reports, and you only need to refresh the dataset once to refresh all the reports connected to it.

Here's how to do it:

  1. Create a new workspace in Power BI Pro, and add the main dataset to it.

  2. In the main dataset, create a "Managed" Power BI report that serves as the data source for all other reports.

  3. Share the workspace with the other departments, so they can access the main dataset.

  4. Each department can create their own separate report and connect it to the main dataset in the workspace.

  5. Schedule a refresh for the main dataset, and all reports connected to it will be updated automatically.

By connecting multiple reports to a single dataset, you can reduce the time and resources needed for data refresh, as you only need to refresh the main dataset once. I hope this helps.

Thank you for your reply @jaweher899 


I think your approach is mainly about new reports, while mine are already there since we've been working on them for several months now.


Do you know how to connect existing PBI dashboard to the same dataset under the same workspace?



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