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Report shows old data, even after successful scheduled refresh

Hi all,


My report in the Power BI Service shows old data (as it was at the moment I published it), even after the scheduled refresh was completed successfully. No error messages whatsoever. If I 'just' do a refresh In Power BI Desktop it shows me the correct data. Therefore I assume the report in the Power BI Service should show the same data as the report on Power BI Desktop.


Any ideas?



Advocate I
Advocate I

I encountered the same issue. (All execution were done in Power BI service)
Visuals catched the data before auto-refreshed. In other words, my fact table matched the index from the old dim table, which does not exist in the current datasets anymore since auto-refreshed was completed and successful, therefore all data related to that dim table was mismatched.

Temperary fix is manual refresh the datasets and manual refresh report visuals.

However, is there any permanent fix for this issue?


Frequent Visitor

Hi guys,
Experiencing the same issue, the 39 "Too much invoice number" it should be "Blank".
I encountered this issue last week and power bi fixed it on its own.

Maybe I can conclude that it is in the system of the power bi is the cause right??



@NMP02 you should probably double check the Report Server log file to make sure there were no unexpected errors. I'd start by checking the RSPowerBI* log files and maybe the ReportingServicesService* files. If the status of the refresh shows complete and there are no errors in the log and you are using the same credentials to connect to the same data source then you should see the same data. If you don't you might need to raise a support ticket.

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I had the same issue. Here is what caused the issue in my case.

There are two options for each table in the Power Query tab that you can access by Right Clicking the table and selecting Properties:

  • Enable Load
  • Include in Report Refresh

Make sure the second one is ticked. 🙂

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I have the same problem. Is there anyone who can help?

@Anonymous could you solve it?

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