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Repeat Column Header on Each Page skips pages

Hi~ I am working on my first report -- it is probably more complex than I should be attempting, but it's 99% there.


I am struggling to get my column headers to repeat on each page. I've gone through the Advanced Mode > Static > KeepWithGroup / RepeatOnNewPage settings and for the most part, it works great! 


However, I'm finding it will "randomly" skip a page. For example:

Pages 2-10 repeats headers

Page 11 has no headers

Pages 12-17 repeats headers

Page 18 has no headers

Pages 19-21 repeats headers


I can't for the life of me figure out what is going on, and I haven't had any luck searching around for a solution. 😕 Any ideas? 


EDIT: (5/24/2022) I ended up just deleting it and starting over and it seems to be ok now. 


Hi @Anonymous 


How is your report looks like ,can you show us the screenshot?

in general,these steps allow you to make your header repeatable

1.    In the grouping pane, make sure to turn on advanced mode (click on the small black down arrow on the far right of the grouping pane)  

2.  Select the corresponding (Static) item in the row group hierarchy

3.  In the properties grid, set RepeatOnNewPage to true 

4. KeepwithGroup to After


If your issue is still not resolved ,you can paste your property settings and report design  here  for us to  reproduce your issue and find a solution .


Best Regards,

Community Support Team _Isabella

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Hi @isabella, yes, those are the steps I had taken previously, as stated in the original post~ 

I am not sure where to copy the property settings and report design to paste it here? 


I've added report screenshots below in spoilers (hopefully). I changed the text to white in most of the columns because I am not sure I am allowed to post this content publicly.


Page 1 for reference: Full header

Page 1Page 1


Page 15: Normal column headers


Page 16: Missing column headers (this is the only page missing headers for the selected parameter)


Page 17: Normal column headers


I thought because Item#14 spans pages 15 and 16, maybe that is why the headers do not show -- but I have other pages with similar lines and the headers are visible there. 

Hi @Anonymous 

Are the 3 rows in table too? how about seperate them from the table ,you can use 9 textboxs.


Best Regards,

Community Support Team _Isabella

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Hi @isabella 


They are a separate table.


Top section table selected: 



Body section table selected: 


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